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10 Apex Legends Mirage Memes That Only Fans Will Understand

Apex Legends is an online battle royale game that was released in 2019. It was developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. The game is free to play though there is the option for players to purchase various items if they wish. While currently on season 8, some of the playable characters have been there since the beginning.

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One of these characters is the charming and charismatic Mirage (real name Elliott Witt). He uses holographic technology to misdirect and confuse other players inside the Apex arena. His sassy remarks and lovable personality have made him a firm fan favorite.

10 Bamboozling Vs. Being Bamboozled

Bamboozilng Vs Bamboozled Mirage Meme Apex Legends

One of Mirage’s iconic sayings comes about randomly when the player uses his tactical ability. This ability allows Mirage to create an exact clone of himself and send it out in the direction of wherever he (the player) is pointing to. In more recent seasons, gamers have been able to slightly control where the clone heads to which makes it harder for enemy teams to figure out if it is a clone without shooting it.

Bamboozled is a word that has become synonymous with the character in the Apex Legends fanbase and the ability is very useful in getting out of sticky situations. It is very satisfying to pull off a successful bamboozle however it is very infuriating for players when they are the victims of another team’s Mirage.

9 I Dreamed I Had You

I Dreamed I Had You Mirage Meme Apex Legends

As all fans of the game know, there are a variety of costumes that can be unlocked for each character.  The more intricate and enticing the costume is, the more it will cost players to unlock it. Very rarely will gamers be lucky enough to get given the higher-tier costumes in Apex packs (a trio of rewards given for in-game achievements).

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Therefore the only option most players have is to save up their crafting materials. True fans of the game know that saving up crafting materials can take a very long time, especially if they are high-level players. High-level players tend to get rewarded fewer Apex packs if they haven’t paid for that season’s battle pass. For many fans, some costumes do seem like a dream.

8 The Aftermath

The Aftermath Apex Legends Mirage Meme

Players already know that each character has a trio of abilities unique to them. A tactical, a passive, and an ultimate. Mirage’s ultimate (the one that takes the longest to charge and can be used less frequently) is to create a lot of clones of himself at once. This often confuses enemy teams as it is hard to tell who the real Mirage is or if he is even there at all.

People who have a favorite character tend to call these their main, such as this Instagrammer. Some of the gamers that have Mirage as their main have perfected the use of the ultimate and use it as soon as it seems they are going to be outnumbered by another team. 9 times out of 10, this ends with a successful escape or ambush attack.

7 Self Bamboozle

Worthless Is Harsh Apex Legends Mirage Meme

To say his passive ability is worthless is a bit harsh but Redditor Zanamas feels it is. Mirage’s passive is kind of useless in the midst of battle. When he is downed, reviving a teammate or using a re-spawn beacon to bring back another team member he uses a cloaking ability without the player needing to trigger it. Season 8’s updates to in-game equipment have seemingly made his passive ability accidentally less powerful. 

For some players this is a lifeline when he is downed, giving them 5 seconds to crawl away or for their team to avenge them. Compared to other legends such as Bloodhound who arguably has one of the best tactical abilities in the game, this is a bit useless. 5 seconds in-game time is rarely enough of a chance for the player to get away. If the player is Mirage and gets downed, they often accept defeat and wait for death.

6 Sheer Joy At A Successful Bamboozle

Victorious Bamboozle Time Apex Legends Mirage Meme

With many defeats, there will come a time where victory graces every gamer. Arguably, no victories are more satisfying than when gamers pull off a bamboozle that leads to an enemy’s demise. Nothing quite describes the unadulterated joy that comes with pulling it off and successful bamboozles are still a high point for players in the game.

R301 is one of the weapons in the game that has fluctuated in power over the various seasons. In the more recent seasons, it has begun to become a staple of the game and in Season 8 it is quite high in the tier ranking of weaponry. Therefore being able to do a bamboozle that takes down an enemy as Mirage whilst using the weapon is sure to please any player.

5 You Got Bam Bam Bamboozled

You Got Bamboozled Apex Legends Mirage Meme

Throughout the seasons, Respawn develop each character’s backstories and personalities in more detail. Even if a new legend is released, almost all of the others will get some sort of update or information that gets added about them.

One thing true Mirage fans know is that the guy loves winding up the other legends. In the Season 8 trailer, fans get a glimpse of his cheeky attitude after a somewhat insulting comment was made about Fuse.  Therefore fans have speculated that Mirage wouldn’t have been above pulling outdated pranks against the other legends.

4 Mr. Invisible

The Invisible Man Mirage Apex Legends Meme

Mirage’s ultimate ability does technically make him invisible for a few seconds if used correctly. It is no secret to fans that Mirage thinks he is the coolest one out of all of the legends. His bravado and witty remarks made, even in the heat of battle where he really should be concentrating, confirm that.

One-liners are definitely a thing with Mirage, his quip reel is mostly one-liners that make him sound very cool or very cliché. There is even a quip that he messes up but tries to still sound cool even though it’s clear he can’t recover it.

3 Pretend Shock

Pretend Shock Apex Legends Mirage Meme

Players of Apex Legends know that even if a character is their favorite, they aren’t necessarily perfect. That is no exception when it comes to Mirage. His lovable personality and charismatic charm will unfortunately never make up for his lack of helpful abilities in-game for some fans. For some fans, Mirage is a guilty pleasure character as they know he is essentially useless in a team but he is so much fun to play as.

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The abilities that Mirage possess do seem to be leaned towards self-preservation rather than being useful in helping his team win.  Perhaps Mirage would be better suited to the non-battle royale modes that the developers have confirmed for later in 2021.

2 Good Question

Good Question Apex Legends Mirage Meme

One of the most fun aspects of playing as Mirage, according to fans such as kingofraging on Instagram, is surprising unsuspecting enemies. After players trigger the ultimate ability it often sends enemy teams into a slight panic mode of trying to figure out where the player has gone.

When the ultimate ability ends after a few seconds, players have either been able to make a sly escape out of enemy sights or they have snuck up behind them. Unfortunately for the enemy by the time they realize that the player is behind them, it is already too late.

1 Shot Ruined

Shot Ruined Apex Legends Mirage Meme

It isn’t hard to deduce that Mirage is an incredibly massive show-off and loves any sort of attention that he gets. His cheeky personality ensures that if he isn’t around annoying the other legends then he is plotting a way to get noticed. One thing that fans like this Instagrammer are sure Mirage hates is when the attention is taken off of him.

His flamboyant and playful finishers in-game are yet another reminder of his intoxicating charisma. As loyal players already know, finishers are special moves that can be done in-game to finish an enemy off once they’re downed. One of Mirages’ finishers involves him dancing like an iconic music star whilst putting the enemy player out of their misery. Only Mirage could get away with being so playful whilst being so violent.

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