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10 Gen 2 Pokemon With Great Designs (That Are Useless In Battle)

Generation II in Pokemon originally featured 100 species back in 1999 on the Game Boy Color via Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. (Eventually came Pokemon Crystal too!) From Chikorita, Number #152, to Celebi, Number #251, the Johto region was filled with wondrous creatures.

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In fact, Generation II introduced Dark-type and Steel-type Pokemon. Also, Generation II introduced breeding and pre-evolutions too (the baby Pokemon). While some of these Pokemon in Generation II went on to be some of the strongest Pokemon ever, others not so much.

10 Magcargo

Pokemon Magcargo

Magcargo, #219, is a Fire- and Rock-type Pokemon that evolves from Slugma at Level 38. This snail is made up of straight-up magma with a shell of stone. Apparently, its internal body temperature goes over 18,000 degrees Farenheit.

Magcargo has access to decent moves and is relatively bulky in terms of Defense. But its HP is trash and so is its Special Defense. Also, Magcargo’s type paring makes it worse actually, as it has a quadruple weakness to both Water and Ground attacks. Finally, it is a slug, so Magcargo is ridiculously slow.

9 Octillery

Pokemon Octillery

Octillery, #224, is a pure Water-type Pokemon that evolves from Remoraid at Level 25. This red octopus has a hard head and strong enough suction cups to keep it from being blown away. When threatened, or if it feels like it, Octillery will spray ink at enemies.

It has a decent Special Attack and a good pool of moves but the Speed is atrocious. There are better Water-type Pokemon out there unless Octillery is thrown into a Trick Room team. And yet even in a Trick Room team, there are better Pokemon (of all types) to use.

8 Delibird

Pokemon Delibird

Delibird, #225, is an Ice- and Flying-type Pokemon. This penguin is red and white with a huge sack. It looks like Santa Claus. Delibird even acts like Santa Claus with its signature move Present.

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In battle, however, it is awful. The Speed is bad, and the Defense is worse. Also, the type pairing doomed Delibird from the get-go. Sure, it has access to Spikes and Rapid Spin, but why bother if Delibird cannot even withstand a single move, be it Attack or Special Attack.

7 Stantler

Pokemon Stantler

Stantler, #234, is a pure Normal-type Pokemon. This deer has the ability to create illusions and legitimately distort reality with its antlers. Stantler are also hunted often due to their antlers, which are valuable, so they are endangered.

They might as well go extinct because in battle this Pokemon does not stand a chance. Normal-type Pokemon need something else, and Stantler does not have that something else (besides Intimidate). There is no bulk, quickness, or power here at all.

6 Dunsparce

Pokemon Dunsparce

Dunsparce, #206, is a pure Normal-type Pokemon. This little serpent looks like an insect and also has tiny wings. In fact, it has the ability to fly (mostly just float though). On top of that, Dunsparce digs and burrows too.

While it has solid HP, all the others stats of Dunsparce suck. Therefore, it cannot even be used as a wall since Dunsparce does best as a passive Pokemon. It will try though with moves like Glare and Roost.

5 Girafarig

Pokemon Girafarig

Girafarig, #203, is a Normal- and Psychic-type Pokemon. This small giraffe is also a horse. The tail is weird though because it is also a head. Which side is the front, and which side is the back?

It has a cool type pairing and lots of moves to use, but the stats are just not there. The weakness to Pursuit alone makes it not worth it in battles. And other Psychic-type Pokemon (and Normal-type Pokemon) just outclass it in every way.

4 Sunflora

Pokemon Sunflora

Sunflora, #192, is a pure Grass-type Pokemon that evolves from Sunkern when given a Sun Stone. This is a walking, talking, dancing sunflower. In fact, just like flowers, it consumes sunlight for nourishment (and needs lots of water).

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Sunflora is happy all the time, except in battles. Thanks to awful Speed and Defense, it will crumble immediately. Not even the ability Chlorophyll saves it.

3 Sudowoodo

Pokemon Sudowoodo

Sudowoodoo, #185, is a pure Rock-type Pokemon that evolves from Bonsly when gaining a level with the move Mimic. This is a stick that has come alive. Weirdly, though, its hands look like lamps.

Sudowoodoo has Head Smash and Rock, and that is radical, but so do other Pokemon. These ones are also quicker, more powerful, and way tankier than it (and probably have dual-typing). So even though Sudowoodoo also has moves likes Wood Hammer and Sucker Punch, it is not worth it.

2 Ariados

Pokemon Ariados

Ariados, #168, is a Bug- and Poison-type Pokemon that evolves from Spinarak at Level 22. This spider looks poisonous as heck. In fact, it wraps its prey in thread and drinks the blood via fangs when Ariados feels like it.

Despite its terrifying appearance, Ariados is not scary at all in battle. The access to Sticky Web and Toxic Spikes is neat but the low Speed and Attack are not. There are better Bug-type Pokemon out there…and there are better Poison-type Pokemon out there too.

1 Ledian

Pokemon Ledian

Ledian is a Bug- and Flying-type Pokemon that evolves from Ledyba at Level 18. This ladybug is adorable, but also it has boxing gloves. Ledian legitimately sleeps using leaves as blankets and apparently, its glowing powder brings good luck.

Unfortunately, good luck will not save Ledian from how terrible its stats are. The moves it learns (Power-Up Punch, Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch) are fun but Hitmonchan does them better anyway. Seriously, Ledian has such a low base Attack that it will not even scratch an enemy.

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