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10 Hysterical Xbox Series S Launch Memes That Are Too Perfect

We’re celebrating the launch of Microsoft’s next gen Xbox console, the Series S, with this selection of hilarious memes that are just too perfect.

As the Xbox Series S launches gamers the world over are getting excited about jumping into the next generation of gaming with Microsoft. While not everyone is willing or able to get their hands on a console just yet, there’s one thing that we can all enjoy to celebrate,  and that’s the memes.

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Both the Xbox Series X and the Series S have given us a huge array of hilarious memes. From the Series X fridge memes to the Series S speaker jokes, both designs are easy to make into the perfect meme. We take a look at the very best memes that take the Series S launch graphic to a new level.

10 Can You Smell What The Xbox Is Cooking?

Series s launch post where the series s has a wok on top of the black circle.

This adjustment of the launch graphic shows the Series S’s hidden superpower, the ability to cook a stir fry. Using the fact the black circle resembles a hot plate, this meme promises us a next gen cooking plate.

For those who don’t want to waste time in the kitchen, this would surely be the perfect solution. Simply add your preferred stir fry ingredients in a pan or wok and carry on gaming while you keep an eye on it. Just make sure to play a game with short rounds or a pause feature so you can keep stirring as you play. We wouldn’t want it to burn.

9 A Despicable Minion

xbox series s painted tom look like a minion from despicable me.

Here we see the Xbox given a new lease of life as a minion. Despicable Me’s Carl is the perfect fit for the console with his large singular eye and jaunty smile. The minion’s shape is also perfect for the series S, although we’d argue it could equally apply to the Series X as well.

While this is just a mock-up, we’re expecting a custom version of the actual console matching this to appear at some point. It’s almost inevitable.

8 This Speaker Is SMÖL

left side of image series s poster while the right side shows the console on a wall above a table with the words SMOL speaker next to it in an IKEA catalogue style.

The most common meme is the Series S as a speaker meme. There are so many versions of this but our favorite is this IKEA inspired advert for the Smöl Smart Speaker priced at $299.

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The advert is a perfect replication of a page from the Swedish furniture store’s catalog, with everything from the setting to the font being perfect.

7 Protect Humanity!

xbox series s edited to look like claptrap from Borderlands.

This is another editing job that perfectly suits the Series S design and shape. A Borderlands fansite lays claim to this console fan art combination that makes the console feel like it should be in Gearbox’s games.

The Claptrap S is another mocked up console design we can see actually coming to life as a custom Series S paint job for a Borderlands fan. Just add arms and a wheel and you’re ready to roll. Just don’t initiate directive three.

6 Hang This One Out To Dry

A washing machine replacing the series s with a controller in front of it.

Here we see the Series S completely replaced by a front-loading washing machine with its very own controller. Surely all you’d need to do is cover up those buttons at the top and you’d never notice the difference.

Just make sure you don’t add detergent to your Series S. We’re pretty sure that would invalidate your warranty, and it’s not going to make you smell any better after a mammoth multi-day gaming session.

5 2001: An Xbox Odyssey

Series S as HAL 9000

One of our favorite ideas, this Series S is no longer under Microsoft’s control thanks to a makeover turning it into HAL 9000. The new tagline of “I’m sorry PlayStation, I can’t allow you to do that.” finishes the image perfectly.

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Just make sure you keep an eye on this one. If it starts malfunctioning it could be deadly. We hope for everyone’s sake that it doesn’t encounter the legendary “Red Ring of Death” issue we say in the Xbox 360.

4 Don’t Add Syrup

The series S turned into a waffle maker

If you need some breakfast before you settle down for a gaming session then this Waffle Series S has you covered. An advancement of the hotplate idea, this waffle maker looks like it will deliver beautifully cooked breakfast in a flash.

If you have a Waffle Series S and an Xbox Hotplate then all you need to do is add the Series X Fridge and you’re good to go.

3 Who Lives In An Series S Under The Sea? Xbox Plankton!

xbox series edited to look like plankton from spongebob squarepants

If you’ve ever considered Microsoft to be an evil corporation then take a look at this villainous version of the Series S, the Series Z.

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Spongebob Squarepants’ villainous Plankton makes a perfect addition to the design and we’d love to see this become an option for our console. Just make sure you hide any secret formula’s you have lying around. The “Ravioli, ravioli, give me the formuoli” tagline shows he means business.

2 This One Has Some Kudos

the xbox series x with fall guy arms and legs

Fall Guys fans will love this version of the console that turns it into an adorable jelly bean. All you need are arms and legs and the Series S is good to go.

We’re not sure if the trailing cables would be a help or a hindrance if the console was to truly cross over into Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and take part in the games but we’re pretty sure you’d need to keep it out of the slime!

1 Everything Is Better With More Colors

corsair made meme with a vibrant colored fan in the place of the black circle.

This vibrant design adaptation may be familiar to those who use Corsair products since it adds one of their fan designs to the Xbox. We know it’s Corsair because the design was adapted by them and posted on social media.

In the cheeky tweet, they suggest the vibrant fan would be a great addition to the unit. We’re sure that with all the cooking, washing, and scheming the Series S is doing it could certainly use a sit-down next to a nice big fan.

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