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10 Mistakes Everyone Makes On Their First Playthrough Of Persona 5

There are thousands of RPGs that promise gamers hours of immersion, but none present the same experience that Persona 5 offers. Taking on the role of a traditional silent protagonist who goes by the alias of “Joker”, players of Persona 5 will find themselves diving deep into the hearts of perverted adults in an epic quest to help improve society. Of course, what makes Persona 5 truly unique is the huge amount of choice it offers to players in how they choose to spend their free time outside of the game’s dungeons, known as Palaces.

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Not only can players take this free time to acquire new armor and weapons, but they can also work a job for cash, strengthen their relationships with their friends, and work on improving other social stats that can influence their interactions with other characters. With so many different ways to play the game, every player is bound to make a few mistakes during their first go at such an innovative adventure.

10 Fast-Forwarding Through Dialogue

A huge majority of Persona 5‘s dialogue takes place within cutscenes that can easily be fast-forwarded through with the simple push of a button. On most days, for example, Joker often overhears other students discussing a certain NPC or a specific venue that’s worth checking out.

While it might be tempting to skip through these scenes, they can occasionally reveal critical information, and even valuable hints, that will never steer the player in the wrong direction.

9 Commuting Without A Book

Persona 5 - Joker Riding the Train

Persona 5 gives players a myriad of ways to spend their day, from working a day job to studying for upcoming exams. Players will even find themselves crammed on public transportation as they travel from district to district.

To get the most out of their commute, seasoned players will always have a fresh book readily available for Joker to read so that he can spend time increasing one of his stats without wasting a few hours in the day.

8 Ignoring Mishima

Persona 5 - Joker and Mishima Hanging Out

At times, it feels as though Mishima was designed to aggravate the player. He’s not one of the Phantom Thieves, but he plays an integral role in forcing the public to acknowledge them as heroes, and though his intentions are good, he can sometimes come across as a bit high-strung.

It might be tempting to stand him up due to how many times he wants to hang out, but he’s one of the best confidants a player could have. He’ll generate new leads for missions in Mementos, and upping Joker’s rank with him will lead to major EXP bonuses that’ll make leveling up a breeze.

7 Not Purchasing Gear

Persona 5 - Weapons Shop

The weapons shop in Shibuya is nothing short of sketchy. It’s not only tucked away in a dark alley, but the clerk isn’t the friendliest guy around.

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It’s very easy to avoid taking full advantage of the shop, which is unfortunate, since it often has just what players need to clear a difficult dungeon or boss battle.

6 Neglecting The Persona 5 Fusing System

Persona 5 - Persona Fusion

While awesome Personas can be found and captured on the field, legenday Personas are actually made. Persona 5 features a unique system where players can combine any two Personas to create a brand new, powerful ally.

Only the most naive of first-time players will try to preserve Personas in their original, weaker forms.

5 Going To Bed When You Aren’t Forced To

Persona 5 - Morgana Telling Joker to Go to Sleep

After going to school, Persona 5 gives players the day to do whatever they desire with a free afternoon and evening. In many instances, Morgana will insist that Joker get some rest for the next day, essentially cutting the day short. Most days, however, Morgana won’t do this, but players will still have the option of crashing in early if they truly want to skip to the next day. First-time players might do this just to progress the main story at a faster rate, but this is one of the worst mistakes one could make in a game where the loading screen advises one to “take your time”!

In just a single evening, players can gain a new confidant perk, earn some extra money, or even boost one of their stats. There’s no kind of reward for the most well-rested player.

4 Trying To Clear A Dungeon On The Last Day

Persona 5 - Joker Running through a Dungeon

Persona 5 is unique from many RPGs in that it doesn’t force the player to clear a Palace all in one go, but instead gives them a few days to prepare themselves before committing to the final boss battle. Players can do some real-world exploration for a few days, and then jump into a Palace to resume where they left off, ensuring that their characters don’t get worn out from constant battles. It’s easy to take this system for granted, and many first-time Persona 5 players will find themselves waiting until the last day or so to jump into a Dungeon for the first time.

Their party members just won’t have the stamina to be effective in battle for them to even make it to the final boss. In many instances, players must have an available day after defeating a boss so that an adult’s heart can change, meaning that in some instances, waiting until the last second will just be impossible as much as it is foolish.

3 Neglecting Their Relationships For Money

Persona 5 - The Phantom Thieves

Getting money can not only be addictive in real life, but it can also be just as addictive in the virtual world. Persona 5 gives players a lot of ways to make money, but unfortunately, working a job takes away a huge chunk of the day that can be used for other activities, like studying or hanging out with friends.

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First-time players saving up for medicine or a fancy new weapon can easily find themselves neglecting their relationships in the pursuit of cold, hard cash, which will only come to hurt them in battle when their teammates don’t have strong enough connections that are usually what turn the tide of battle in an instant.

2 Tuning Out In The Beginning

Persona 5 Meme - Morgana Explains the Metaverse

Despite being the 5th major entry in its franchise, Persona 5 served as the franchise’s introduction for many fans, and it seems like the developers were fully aware that this would be the case. The first few hours of gameplay are packed with exposition to explain the rules of the Metaverse, of Tokyo, and the combat.

It’s easy to tune out from all of it, since most players will just want to jump right into the action, but Persona 5 is a game best eased into rather than rushed into. Players who manage to tune out in the beginning will undoubtedly find themselves missing key hints and bits of information that will come in handy as the game’s level of difficulty increases.

1 Traveling Without Lockpicks

Persona 5 - Joker and Ann Look into Treasure Chest

Like any good thief, Joker has a good eye for treasure, but unfortunately, many of Persona 5‘s most valuable goodies are guarded by chests that can only be unlocked if the player is carrying enough lockpicks. It should almost be a requirement to venture out with a handful of lockpicks just in case Joker stumbles upon something good.

This alone would save so many first-time Persona 5 players a colossal amount of frustration as they progress through the rest of their game wondering just how many treasures they missed out on.

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