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10 Reasons Why The Nintendo Switch Had Such A Successful First Year

5. Ease of Use

While the Switch’s user interface could use some sprucing up (how about some actual menu music, for starters?) but the system’s bare-bone menus are a small price to pay for how intuitive the simple act of accessing everything is. This is one of those improvements that doesn’t get enough attention, probably because most of us forget just how cumbersome the Wii U was to navigate by comparison.

Heck, even Nintendo of America’s senior product marketing manager readily admits that the Wii U was a frustrating system to use. “”If you look at the Wii U hardware system, just the system menu itself — the time that it took to boot that system up, to get into gameplay — was something that was a frustration for a lot of players early on and actually became a hindrance,” Trinen told Business Insider ahead of the Nintendo World Championships back in October.

By contrast, accessing games on the Switch is quick and efficient, requiring only a few button clicks after powering the system on. The console may still be barren when it comes to additional features and stuff like apps, but having almost non-existent barriers between players and the games has paid off so far for Nintendo. Source: The Verge

4. Offering Something Different From The Competition

In terms of raw technical power, the Nintendo Switch lags far behind the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and your average gaming PC. For this reason, there are simply some games that are never going to be released on the Switch, which means that it’s not exactly the best option if you’re a one console household. That being said, much like how the Wii offered an experience you simply couldn’t get on an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, so too has the Switch carved out a niche for itself by offering games and an overall entertainment experience that can’t be replicated by the competition.

In terms of consoles specifically, the differences between the Xbox One and PS4 are negligible for the most part and outside of certain exclusive games, you’re getting nearly all the same features no matter which one you choose. The Switch, by contrast, not only has a number of must-have exclusives, but is the only hybrid gaming platform on the market, which has helped it stand out over the course of its first year.

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