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10 Wacky Builds Every Pro Player Should Try At Least Once

There are a number of ways to play through Fallout 4. Most players will try builds around a particular weapon type to exploit the usefulness of power armor, or possibly even recreate one of their favorite characters in-game.

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But there are a number of builds that look to be more creative. Some of these builds utilize unique mechanics, lead to fun gameplay, or are surprisingly overpower in bizarre ways. Here are some crazy builds every player should consider for their next run.

10 The Hoarder

Fallout 4 The Hoarder

This build is centered around one singular goal, amassing as many items as quickly as possible. It sounds absurd, but when factoring in settlement building it becomes a surprisingly effective build to beat the game with.

The idea is to lean on Endurance, Charisma, and Strength. Perks like Strong Back, Lone Wanderer, and Local Leader are critical. The idea is to level up by building up settlements and supply lines, amass items and caps, then start culling the wasteland of enemies to gather even more items. It’s slow at first, but the player will never want for anything in the endgame.

9 Freak Of Nature

Fallout 4 Freak Of NAture

This idea of this build is to become a powerful Ghoul that can heal from a variety of sources. Solar Power makes the sun provide healing, Ghoulish makes radiation a source of health, Cannibalism turns deceased enemies into health packs, and Life-Giver increases natural regeneration.

Toughness and Ricochet give incredible durability. Then the idea is to dose the character with as many useful Chems as desired thanks to Chem Resistant. Then while the drugs are coursing through the characters veins and everything provides health regen the play can go crazy killing everything in sight. Melee, unarmed, or ranged weapons it doesn’t matter as the character can survive whatever the wastes throw at them.

8 Human Deathclaw

Fallout 4 Human Deathclaw

This build causes the player to become the human persona of the Deathclaw. The Deathclaw Gauntlet is the only weapon allowed and the character can go naked or don hide-based armor. Agility is important early on to get perks then Strength and Endurance are used to increase damage and survivability.

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The idea is to sneak up on enemies using stealth and then trigger Blitz to eviscerate enemies in VATS. The weapon needed may take a bit to obtain as merchant’s only sell them at level 20 and returning the egg to the nest in The Devil’s Due quest can get tricky.

7 One Punch Man

Fallout 4 One Punch Power Fist

This build seeks to make the player a brutal combatant capable of killing enemies in one punch like the iconic character from the anime. A key to this build is the Blitz perk and lots of Strength. Perks like Rooted and Iron Fist enhance melee damage further.

The weapon that brings this build together is the strong melee weapon Power Fist. This is because its damage rises with Strength and the aforementioned perks. Raising critical hits can also help lower the number of punches needed to kill foes. Afterward the goal is to find ways to increase DPS to get that elusive one punch kill.

6 Death Incarnate

Fallout 4 Death Incarnate

Many players discovered the absurd potential of VATS in Fallout 4 and this build exploits that mechanic to its fullest. Any cool perks related to VATs is used here like Grim Reaper’s Sprint, Action Boy/Girl, Mysterious Stranger and so on.

This means Perception, Agility, and Luck are the core stats. The idea is that the player can pull of VATS and use a low AP weapon like the Deliverer Pistol. It’s shocking how quickly enemies start dropping with this build.

5 Follower Of Ug-Qualtoth

Fallout 4 Follower

The Follower Of Ug-Qualtoth is a roleplay build that would make H.P. Lovecraft proud. It’s a stealthy melee build centered around the eerie Kremvh’s Tooth blade and amassing followers by building and connecting settlements.

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With loads of Intelligence, Agility, and Charisma the player is gathering loyal followers in honor of the Eldritch horror. Cannibalism, Mister Sandman, and similar perks to kill enemies in their sleep is fitting for a follower of the old ways. John Hancock makes a solid companion as well.

4 Sneaky Fatman

Fallout 4 Sneaky Fatman

Explosives and stealth typically don’t go together, but for the Sneaky Fatman build it works. The idea is to use stealth to plant mines along the routes enemies will take, essentially laying traps. Once the traps are in place the player can use a Fatman Launcher to trigger enemies or set off a chain of explosives destroying everything.

Agility and Perception help for sneaking around and Sneak obviously needs to be high. Demolitions Expert nudges the damage explosives do. Scrounger is handy for finding more explosives. It’s a combination of careful planning and utter chaos.

3 Tesla

Fallout 4 Tesla Cannon

The Tesla build seeks to roleplay the famous Nikola Tesla. The player has a high Intelligence and focuses on technology. Any weapon with ‘Tesla’ in the name is used, don tesla-based Power Armor, and the player must be accompanied by Automatrons.

For players who enjoy, Power Armor, Energy weapons, and modified robots this is a fun build. It’s also surprisingly effective and players will find the game getting easier as time goes by.

2 Puppet Master

Fallout Intimidation Puppet Master

The Puppet Master is both incredibly annoying and a lot of fun. The idea is to sneak up on enemies and Intimidating enemies into fighting each other. Perks like Lady Killer/Black Widow helps with humans, Animal Friend for animals, and Wasteland Whisperer for creatures.

Robotics Expert can also be considered for robots. But in general, the player wants their Charisma and Luck as high as they’ll go to cut down on the annoying RNG of this build. Another trick is to use the Syringer with Berserk syringes. If all goes well the group of enemies will turn on each other leaving the player to mop up the survivors.

1 The Egg

Fallout 4 The Egg

The Egg is a quirky build that utilizes Power Armor as a weapon. The player will want high Strength, Endurance, and Intelligence. Afterward the player will engineer a suit of Power Armor to have Explosive Vents to stomp enemies, Tesla Coil upgrades to zap foes, and Pain Train to bulldoze enemies.

The player can also eject their fusions cores for massive ranged explosions. Any perk that helps with tinkering on Power Armor is needed like Armorer and Nuclear Physicist. In the early game the player will want to amass fusion cores, gather upgrade materials, and build the perfect suit of armor to enjoy this late game build.

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