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12 Essential Tips For Playing God Of War

After five years in development, Sony Santa Monica’s God of War revival is finally out on the PlayStation 4 (and in case you hadn’t heard, it’s pretty much a masterpiece). Featuring a brand new combat system and a transition from Greek to Norse mythology, the new God of War represents a substantial shift from past entries in the series, which means that if you had the previous combat system mastered, you’re going to be starting from square one here. Combat and exploration were big parts of the older God of War games and while the PS4 reboot is much more narrative-heavy as a whole, it still features a lot of mythological beast-slaying and treasure hunting, as well as a bunch of new activities that I’m not going to spoil here.

While the transition is a smooth one overall, there are probably going to be a few things about the new God of War that will make you scratch your head, so here are the 12 tips I would recommend for every new player starting out on Kratos and Atreus’ epic adventure.

12. Playing On PS4 Pro? Switch To “Performance Mode”

While God of War is a visual and technical marvel even on standard PS4 consoles, the game benefits significantly from the jump to the PlayStation 4 Pro … if you’re running it in the proper settings, that is. PS4 Pro will render God of War in 4K but at a significant cost to frame rate, as the game struggles to maintain a solid 30 frames per second. This is fine for moments when you’re just admiring the game’s lush scenery but God of War is still an action game and in combat sequences, you’ll really notice the performance dip.

Thankfully, the game lets you choose between two different rendering options on PS4 Pro: “Favor Resolution,” which runs the game at 4K resolution using checkerboard rendering, and “Favor Performance,” which displays the game at 1080p but unlocks the frame rate with a cap of 60 fps. I’d recommend choosing the latter option, as God of War benefits more from a reliable frame rate than increased resolution and to be honest, the game is still gorgeous in 1080p anyway.

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