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12 Most Ridiculous Superhero Video Games Of All Time

3. Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley (Xbox 360, 2010)

Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley is a fun, humorous side-scroller as tough as any old-school hair-puller that dominated your childhood. It’s also one of the more bizarrely meta superhero games ever made. Captain Smiley, a muscular, moronic hero with a smile emoji for a head, jumps into other comics to complete missions and become more popular, in order to revive his own failed comic series. Once he does so, Smiley’s second go proves a smash success, until the game’s developer, Twisted Pixel, takes all the money and leaves poor Smiley destitute and rather un-smiley.

The game sells its “Smiley sucks” angle with real-life footage of kids and adults alike poo-poo’ing Smiley’s comics. A comic book store owner offers to give away the comics for free, and a guy on the toilet has nothing to wipe with, until he rips a page from Smiley’s book. More like Captain Sadface, right? Source: The Koalition

2. Captain Rainbow (Nintendo Wii, 2008)

Chances are, you haven’t played Captain Rainbow, as it was never released outside of Japan. That doesn’t make the hero, and his story, any less goofy. Captain Rainbow, a washed-up superhero who wields the yo-yo of doom (it’s a Japanese game, that’s why). As Nick — his nerdy, mild-mannered alter ego — he travels to a place called Mimin Island, a land that magically grants wishes. His wish is to make people care about him and his yo-yo once again, of course.

On Mimin Island, Captain Rainbow encounters various old Nintendo characters, like Birdo and Little Mac, and helps them with their problems. The more he does, the more chances he has to either grant his own wish (renewed popularity) or their wishes. Once you grant your own wish, the game ends, but you can keep being unselfish and help other characters as long as you like. True heroes think of others first, after all.


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