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12 Movies/TV Shows That Were Turned Into Insane Video Games

11. Wayne’s World (Various Systems, 1993)

“Wayne’s World” started out as a Saturday Night Live sketch before being adapted into a couple of movies starring Mike Myers and Dana Carvey as two slackers hosting a goofy talk show in their basement. Somehow, the first movie was adapted into a game and if that knowledge makes you want to blow chunks, we understand.

The plot is as basic as it is nuts: Wayne and Garth get sucked into a video game and the evil alien inside kidnaps Garth. It’s now up to a giant-headed Wayne to wander music stores and cafes filled with evil music notes, evil pianos, and evil doughnuts to find him. He shoots them with energy waves from his guitar and yells “NOT!” everytime he gets hit. That might be a fun game … Yeah and monkeys might fly out of our butt.

But that’s just the SNES/Genesis version. The NES/Game Boy version doesn’t mention aliens or kidnappings at all, meaning Wayne and Garth are just wandering their town, fighting evil drums and zombies for literally no discernible reason. Also, they use a handgun, which is less surreal than an energy guitar though almost as ridiculous. Guess Wayne needed that gun rack after all … Amazon

10. Wizard of Oz (SNES, 1993)

At first thought, a Wizard of Oz video game could work, since the movie’s one big adventure in a strange land. But then you see what the SNES game developed by Manley & Associates actually gave us and you realize how wrong you were to ever think such a thing.

In this game, the Wicked Witch has dognapped Toto, and you have to get her back. To do so, you follow the Yellow Brick Road while battling literally everything in sight. Lemons, bluebirds, water faucets, teeth, living loveseats — if it moves, it wants poor Dorothy dead. Speaking of Dorothy, her main weapon (aside from a magic wand) is just plain kicking everybody to death. Yes, in this game you can just kick everything and win, which really doesn’t seem whimsical enough for a game about the Land of Oz.

Once you find the Wizard, he informs Dorothy her shoes have no more magic, but he’s sending her back to Kansas anyway. This is presumably to make up for how the Good Witch failed to tell Dorothy about clicking her heels right from the start. That could have saved everybody so much trouble, and given Dorothy’s feet some much-needed rest. Source: Giant Bomb

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