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12 Things We Want From The PlayStation 5

5. Cross-Platform Gaming

One of the biggest drawbacks of having multiple gaming platforms on the market is that it segregates players into separate online ecosystems. While there are millions of people to play with on Steam, PSN, and Xbox Live, no matter which system you’re using, you’re missing out on millions more players by default thanks to the nature of gated communities. But with Microsoft embracing cross-platform play between Xbox and PC in recent years, and even Nintendo allowing cross-platform play on the Switch version of Rocket League, Sony’s hardline stance on blocking such things comes off as out-of-touch and anti-consumer. Even worse is the fact that Microsoft — whose Xbox One console has been outsold by a ratio of more than 2:1 by the PS4 this generation — has repeatedly reached out to Sony about making cross-platform play happen, to no avail.

Sure, I can understand not wanting to make certain games cross-platform with PC given the inherent disadvantage console players would have against those with a mouse and keyboard setup, but not wanting to let PlayStation players face off against Xbox? That’s just silly, especially when you consider that cross-platform play could potentially extend the lifespan of many online-focused games, given the increase to the player pool. It’s hard to see Sony reverting on this stance anytime soon but with the PS5, it would be great if they did. Via IGN

4. PlayStation VR Overhaul

So far, Sony is the only console manufacturer to truly throw its weight behind virtual reality, having released the PlayStation VR headset in 2016. While PlayStation VR is a totally viable VR experience with an impressive software lineup, it simply doesn’t measure up to the more immersive experiences offered by more powerful headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, both of which benefit from being PC-exclusive. Fortunately, the boost in technical horsepower provided by the PlayStation 5 represents the perfect opportunity for Sony to overhaul PlayStation VR and have it fall more in line with what the competition is offering on high-end PCs.

Bumping up the resolution is a must, as Sony should be targeting 4K with as high a frame rate as possible in order to provide a better visual experience than the somewhat compromised one currently on offer on PS4. Sony absolutely has to ditch the PlayStation Move controllers as well, as they are easily the worst part of PlayStation VR right now, and replace them with some new, high-tech motion controllers (or something even better). Roomscale should also be an option, and the headset itself needs to be wireless and comfortable to boot. Basically, Sony needs to lead the charge on console VR again withe the PS5 and giving PSVR a major top-to-bottom overhaul is essential for this to happen. Source:

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