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12 Video Games That Would Make Great Movies

It’s become increasingly rare that Hollywood will come out something completely original. Almost everything in theaters these days is a sequel, prequel, reboot, remake, or spin-off of an existing franchise, or an adaptation of a novel, comic book, or video game. This article is going to talk about that last thing, the dreaded “video game movie.”

Throughout the entire history of film, video games movies have almost always been poorly received. A more blunt way to say it that video game movies are “utter garbage,” with almost zero exceptions. From old school efforts like Super Mario Bros. (1993) to Mortal Kombat (1995), to more recent fare like Doom (2005) or Assassins Creed (2016), most video game movies are pretty terrible. Maybe guilty pleasures at best.

Hollywood could change that, though. There’s already a list of confirmed or rumored upcoming video game movies right here, ones that could actually turn out good. In addition, we’ve made this list of other video games that we think could be turned into decent movies on their own, given the right script, star, and director. With video games becoming more and more engaged in telling epic stories than simply mashing buttons, the opportunity to tell those stories to non-gamers would be a terrific decision for some bold movie studio.

12. Starcraft

The original Starcraft was released in 1998 and since then, the game has become famous around the world, with several sequels and expansions released over the past 20 years. The real-time strategy games are in the military sci-fi genre and take place at the start of the 26th century, focusing on the struggle for galactic superiority among four species.

While it would likely be a costly production to make a proper Starcraft film (at least if they want to do it justice), it would likely do very well due to the millions of Starcraft fans out there. Universal Pictures already made a Warcraft movie, based on Starcraft‘s fantasy genre cousin. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good sci-fi movie, with epic space battles and dazzling special effects?

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