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18 Lesser-Known Celebrity Cameos In Video Games

11. Ariana Grande – Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy isn’t known for celebrity cameos, but its 2017 free-to-play mobile title, Brave Exvius, bucks that trend in the strangest manner possible. Pop star Ariana Grande appears not just as a character, but a playable one.

Finding the pint-size Grande in-game is actually really easy: fight your way to the Dimensional Vortex, select the Dangerous Woman Tour event, bowl through some easy enemies, and Dangerous Ariana, described in the game as “a beautiful singer from a distant world,” becomes available to add to your party. She’s wearing her bunny mask from the “Dangerous Woman” music video, making it easy to headcanon her as a fictional rabbit-human hybrid creature if you’d prefer not think of her music.

Cutesy pop reputation aside, she’s actually a pretty powerful party member, and her limit break (naturally entitled “Touch It”) can bring down even the strongest of foes. Pair her with Cecil from Final Fantasy IV, he won’t mind. It sure beats slumming it with Edward, the cowardly, spoony bard who isn’t fit to tie Grande’s thigh-high boots. Source: Polygon

10. Gary Coleman – Postal 2

Postal 2 is a game where you’re just trying to go about your business, but everybody wants to give you the business until you grab a weapon and start blowing them away. This includes the late Gary Coleman, of all people.

In one of the game’s missions, you have to go to the mall and get an autographed copy of Coleman’s book, What I’m Talkin’ Bout: The Gary Coleman Story, to sell on eBay. Eventually, cops arrive to arrest Coleman for unexplained reasons. Coleman grabs a gun and fires back, with weapons varying from assault rifles to grenades. You have the option to either run off or shoot him, but if you fight, be careful: little Arnold is one of the strongest characters in the game, and since the cops will eventually gun him down anyway, it’s almost not worth fighting him.

Coleman returns in the game’s expansion, Apocalypse Weekend…kind of. Your character suffers hallucinations and imagines himself being attacked by dozens of zombified Gary Coleman clones. Willis never had to put up with this kind of crap. Source: Steam Trading Cards Wiki

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