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343 Industries Has Quietly Conducted Halo Infinite External Testing

Halo is a staple franchise for Microsoft and when the company was showcasing the Xbox Series X along with the more budget-oriented Xbox Series S, it came with the confirmation of Halo Infinite being a launch title. This would be the next bold step for 343 Industries after the slightly underwhelming response to Halo 5: Guardians. As a result, there was a ton of fans out there just waiting to get some proper footage of the game which took a good while before that happened.

When Microsoft finally unveiled the gameplay footage for Halo Infinite it was met with a ton of criticism online. Fans were not pleased over the direction developers too visually but also technically there were glitches in the demo showcased for its grand reveal. Memes popped up and fans were writing the game off after 343 Industries was actively developing the title to become the next-generation Halo game entry. After all this feedback came out, 343 Industries decided to delay the game, missing the launch of the Xbox Series X/S while they continued to shape the game up into a direction that would appeal to the fans.

We haven’t seen much of the game since, but recently a new blog post revealed that 343 Industries had already started testing the game out through a small external group. This is just the first beta test to get crucial feedback on the gameplay experience before they make more tweaks to the game. However, this is not the last of the beta tests that will pop up for Halo Infinite. 

Players within the Halo Insider Program will see betas in the future where again, 343 Industries will be able to get the feedback directly from the players to make some final adjustments. We’re not sure just when these beta tests will happen, but it does look like we’re getting towards the final stretch of Halo Infinite’s development cycle.

Source: Halo Waypoint

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