5 Best GameCube Controllers For Switch

Looking for the best GameCube controllers for Switch? Luckily, you have happened upon the right place!

Is there any controller better than the GameCube pad? Ok, forget the PS5’s Haptic Touch; I’m talking about simple, down to earth, proper controllers.

The Sega Genesis/Mega Drive comes close, but the GameCube pad was, for me, by far the best.

It fit in your hands perfectly, the buttons were all spaced out well, and after the achy claw-hand days of the N64, it felt like a proper breath of fresh air.

So, it’s no wonder you’re here looking for the best GameCube controllers for Switch. When those tiny joycons can’t cut it, you’ve just gotta’ call in the big guns!

Let’s take a look at the best GameCube controllers for Switch and find out which one will suit you best!

First up on our list of the best GameCube controllers for Switch is my favourite pad of all time, the HORI Nintendo Switch Battle Pad.

Ok, so wireless controllers are all well and good, but sometimes you just can’t beat the old school tethered vibes that you get from a wired cable.

Shipping with a variety of designs from Pikachu to Zelda, these controllers are made for Smash Bros multiplayer action. With a 10 ft cable, you don’t have to crouch right in front of your TV anymore either!

Featuring an anti-snapback analog stick design for both the main directional stick and the C-stick, this controller is as quick as your reactions.

Use the turbo setting for button-mashing madness, or whip out throws with the lightening fast L/R and ZL/ZL buttons.

And what’s more, the HORI pad has received the seal of approval from Nintendo and is an officially licensed product!

Looking so much like the original GameCube controller that it’s hard to tell them apart, the PowerA Wireless GameCube Controller is a wireless gaming solution that gives gamers old-school gaming feels on the Switch.

Utilising Bluetooth 5.0, this controller allows gamers to play from the kitchen, the stairs, or their favourite chair at the other side of the living room.

And what’s more, it’s jam-packed with motion controls too for all of your twisty-turny gameplay action.

Where this controller differs from the original GC pad is the native Switch buttons for home, +, -, and capture.

Apart from that, the design is pretty much the same, complete with D-pad and C-stick.

Keep an eye on the low battery warning LED too. Unfortunately, it takes 2x AA batteries, but you do get 30 hours of gameplay from these, so get yourself some rechargeable ones and go green!

Best GameCube Controllers For Switch - Retro Fighters Duelist pad

If there was ever a controller specifically designed to pummel your mates in Smash Bros, it’s the Retro Fighters Duelist.

Ok, so it might not look exactly like a GameCube controller, but it’s purple with the same coloured buttons and general set up…

… think of it as the GameCube pad 2.0.

Note two new buttons; the S button, and the Punch icon. Instead of pulling off complicated combos to pull of smash attacks, players can just hit the S button to knock out killer moves. By pressing the punch button, they can swap between smash attacks and short hops whenever they press S.

That’s some revolutionary stuff right there!

Oh, and the A button is way bigger, making it more comfortable when you get trigger happy.

Speaking of trickers, the dual Z triggers are extremely comfortable to use. Heck, every button is perfectly in reach, and the controller feels so comfortable even when playing for a couple of hours.

Charge up the Li-Ion battery via USB cable and make the most of 30 ft of wireless range. Just pick up your controller, turn on the switch with it, and start playing. Simples!

Next up in our list of the best GameCube controllers for Switch is the super official GameCube Controller Super Smash Bros pad.

Ok, so I think we’re all realising now that the main reason people want to buy these GameCube controllers is to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with them…

… I mean, it is the best way to play the game, after all.

This wired controller has zero differences from the original remote. For all intense and purposes, it’s the exact same thing, just compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

This official Nintendo Super Smash Bros pad costs a pretty penny though; it’s probably the most expensive remote on our list. But come on, it looks fantastic!

Best GameCube Controllers For Switch - Exlene Wireless Gamecube Controller Switch

And finally, the Exlene Wireless Gamecube Controller Switch completes our list of the best GameCube controllers for Switch.

Boasting the same shape and design as the original GC pad, this controller works on the Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac systems.

It’s the perfect GameCube controller to use on all Switch games, not just Super Smash Bros, and comes with motion controls, rumba, turbo features, and more.

Plus, with a rechargeable battery housed safely inside, you never need to worry about buying AAs ever again.

Just connect up via a USB-C cable to sync, and away you go. Plus, with a 30 day money back guarantee and one-year warranty, you can buy and game with confidence!

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