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A 9 Year Old Has Become The Highest -Paid YouTuber Of 2020

2020 has been a very good year for one nine-year old boy named Ryan Guan, a YouTuber who has been making videos since 2015.

2020 has been a very good year for one nine-year old boy named Ryan Guan, a YouTuber who has been making videos since 2015. He just topped the highest-paid list of content creators on the popular video sharing platform – his total earnings for just this year are an impressive $29.5 million. This is the third time the young influencer has topped the list, claiming the top spot in both 2018 and 2019.

Ryan’s channel – known as Ryan’s World – does mostly toy reviews, unboxing videos and DIY experiments. Currently it boasts 12.2 billion views and 41.7 million subscribers. This all occurred because Ryan saw other kids doing toy reviews online and decided to try it himself. He has definitely proved he’s got a knack for it, if the numbers are an indicator.

Last year he ventured into video games; Race With Ryan is a kart racing game that received DLC just this past summer. Guan also has his own brand of clothes and toys which further contributed to his fortune, all before the age of 10. There are currently 5,000 products in his line that earns him the bulk of his money.

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Besides earning almost $30 million this year alone he also holds the title of being the first YouTuber to have his own float in this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The float featured his alter ego superhero character. That’s a lot of notoriety for an almost ten-year old.

He isn’t the only child making a name for himself online. Recently, the six-year old Call of Duty: Warzone player RowdyRogan made headlines by apparently being banned. Later it was revealed to be a staged event by his parents. RowdyRogan did manage to get the attention of FaZe Clan, however, so it seems the stunt had an effect.

There seems to be a growing market with video game streaming and content creation involving children, and the younger they are, the more attention it gets. Whether or not this is a good thing remains to be seen, hopefully young content creators aspiring to be like Ryan have a positive support system.

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