A love letter to Jon from Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

I didn’t really have the luxury of devoting a cool 500 words to a single character in my Sherlock Holmes Chapter One review, firstly because I’m a believer in word economy, but secondly because what I wanted to talk about is a bit of a spoiler. It’s integral to the plot of the game and it’s revealed very quickly once you start playing, but it’s also not mentioned in any of the promo blurbs or marketing, so I’m guessing it’s meant to be a fun little “Oh!” moment. On the other hand, I do really want to talk about how cool Sherlock’s best mate Jon is…

So if you want to go into Frogwares’ new detect ’em up cold, then save this and come back to it after you’ve played about, ooh, 45 minutes? I think that’s long enough to get clear of spoiler territory.

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