Action game Wanted: Dead is being made by ex-Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive devs

At the Tokyo Game Show, publisher 110 Industries announced several upcoming videogames. As well as extremely short teasers for sci-fi racer Red Goes Faster and mech game Vengeance is Mine, there was a trailer for third-person action game Wanted: Dead that included about 20 seconds of actual gameplay.

Set in a sci-fi Hong Kong where the synthetic workforce has been sidelined, you play a cyborg police officer who has been imprisoned for some reason—possibly related to her being part-synthetic, or maybe related to using a katana to dismember people, which is what she does for the rest of the trailer. Soundtracked by what sounds like Rob Zombie and a Wilhelm scream, it’s a mix of over-the-shoulder shooting and gory limb-severing combat.

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