AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution plugin now available for UE4

Both AMD and Nvidia have upscaling technologies which generally allow for a higher resolution image of otherwise lower quality renders. In the Nvidia corner you have Deep Learning Super Sampling, or DLSS which has been around for a few years. It’s a fairly complicated and resource hungry process, but it’s a big part of why we are seeing more and more real-time ray tracing in games.

AMD’s solution is called AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) and it’s a very different approach. Rather than intensive computer processes, FSR is open source software that uses a special algorithm to upscale images and give them sharper edges. We did a bunch of tests on it when it first came out. It’s much simpler than DLSS and while that has downsides, this simplicity also means it can run on a much wider range of GPUs. 

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