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Apex Legends Season 9 – everything we know

Wondering what’s coming to Apex Legends Season 9? The ninth season of the battle royale game is right around the corner, and the devs are releasing regular content ahead of the forthcoming update. War Games will be taking over Apex Legends from April 13, giving players a chance to try out some experimental game modes for the next two weeks.

Apex Legends has always been set in the Titanfall universe, but it looks like Respawn Entertainment plans to make the connection stronger in Season 9. What this means for Apex Legends remains to be seen – could titans somehow make their way to the battlefield? There’s been plenty of rumours suggesting main characters from Titanfall could join the Apex Legends roster, though nothing concrete has happened so far.

Season 8 introduced us to Fuse, the explosives expert from Salvo, and brought about huge changes to Kings Canyon, drastically improving multiple areas of the classic map. Both Fuse and the new 30-30 Repeater failed to snatch one of the top spots in our Apex Legends weapons tier list and Apex Legends legends tier list, though this could all change next season. Here’s everything you need to know about Apex Legends Season 9.


Apex Legends Season 9 will start on May 4. It’s very unlikely the release date gets pushed back as this has only happened twice in the game’s history. If you haven’t had a chance to max out your Season 8 battle pass, you only have a few weeks until it expires.


John Larson, live balance designer at Respawn, has confirmed Lifeline is receiving a host of changes in Season 9. Speaking to the CompetitiveApex community on Reddit, Larson announced Lifeline will lose her shield when reviving teammates using the Combat Revive ability.

To counteract this nerf, the D.O.C Heal Drone will now heal 60% faster. Lifeline’s Care Package ultimate is also receiving a buff, giving players access to a guaranteed upgrade. If you or someone in your team is wearing blue armour, Lifeline’s care packages will drop purple armour – and in some cases even gold armour.


Respawn recently created a new video series where they respond to community feedback. When discussing the team’s priorities for Apex Legends in 2021, design director Jason McCord spoke about introducing new ways to play the game beyond the battle royale format. “Currently Apex is strictly a battle royale, but we’ve built these characters and this world that people really want to be in, even if they don’t love battle royales,” said McCord. “At a really high level, I’ll just say that’s something we want to focus on solving this year – other ways to play the game.”

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Though McCord doesn’t name any mode in particular, numerous data mined leaks over the past few months would point towards this being the highly anticipated Arena mode. According to reputable data miner Shrugtal, this 3v3 team deathmatch-style mode will take place on Kings Canyon across multiple arenas. Some of the leaked Arena locations include Water Treatment, Repulsor, and Capacitor.

You can activate a teaser for the Arena right now, which reveals Ash as the host of the new mode. As you take the elevator up to Ash, here’s what she has to say: “The winner is decided, and a new challenger lurks among us. Do you think you have what it takes to impress me, Legend? We’ll find out soon. The arena awaits.”


The Chaos Theory Apex Devstream accidentally showed off a new weapon in the explosive holds. Biast12, a data miner on Twitter, has revealed the weapon is a light machine gun named Dragon. Dragon uses light ammo, which would make it the only LMG in the game to use this type of ammo.

Biast12 also claims that two other weapons are currently in development: the EPG and the Compound Bow. We don’t know what the models of these weapons look like, but there’s a good chance the EPG could be the same weapon from Titanfall 2. EPG stands for Energy Propelled Grenade – it’s a plasma grenade launcher that specialises in killing pilots. There were rumours of a new explosive ammo type in Season 8, but that never came to fruition.


Despite the amount of data leaks that occur, predicting the next character in Apex Legends is always a difficult task due to the amount of unreleased Legends in the game files. It’s widely believed the next character introduced to the game in Season 9 is Valk, a data mined Recon Legend.

Valk’s leaked abilities focus on verticality, similarly to Season 7’s Horizon. As these abilities have been data mined, they are subject to change and are likely to be completely different at launch.

  • Tactical ability: Fire a rocket that explodes several times
  • Passive ability: Hover in the air using VTOL jets by holding jump for a short period of time
  • Ultimate ability: Launch into the air and skydive to a new location. Valk can bring her teammates with her before take off

And that’s all we know about Apex Legends Season 9 so far. Stay tuned to this page as we will be updating this page as soon as any information becomes available. In the meantime, go check out our Apex Legends characters guide if you haven’t caught up with the game in a while. We’ve also gathered every Apex Legends legendary skin in case you have a chunk of crafting materials burning a hole in your pocket.

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