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Arlo Counters
Arlo Counters

A guide on how to counter the Team GO Rocket Executive Arlo. Arlo counters are Pokémon that are specialized in defeating him with ease, regardless of which line-up Arlo uses.

Remember that you can rematch Arlo if you lose the first time. Use this Arlo guide in combination with knowing Arlo’s Pokémon to ensure a victory. Be aware that many consider Arlo to be the most difficult Team GO Rocket leader.

Arlo’s Pokémon Line-Up

Arlo uses Shadow Growlithe as his first Pokémon. Arlo’s second Pokémon can be Shadow Charizard, Shadow Blastoise or Shadow Steelix. His third Pokémon can be Shadow Scizor, Shadow Dragonite or Shadow Salamence.

Countering Arlo’s Shadow Pokémon


Pokemon GO GrowlitheGrowlithe

Arlo’s Shadow Growlithe uses Fire and Dark fast move, and Fire and Normal charge moves. Growlithe is weak to Ground, Rock and Water moves. The best Pokémon to defeat Arlo’s Shadow Growlithe are strong Rock and Water types that take reduced damage from its attacks.

Recommended counters


Pokemon GO CharizardCharizard

Arlo’s Shadow Charizard uses Fire or Flying fast move, and Dragon or Fire charge attack. Charizard is double weak to Rock, but also weak to Electric and Water. Arlo’s Charizard can be a problem to deal with, but not as much as his Scizor.

Recommended counters


Pokemon GO BlastoiseBlastoise

Arlo’s Blastoise uses Water or Dark fast moves, and a variety of Charge moves (Water, Ice, Normal, Steel). It’s quite tricky to counter, but luckily Grass and strong Water types are excellent against it, even if Blastoise has an Ice charge move – just be sure to shield against it.

Recommended counters

If Blastoise has Bite as Fast Move, Torterra, Roserade and Virizion will be a better choice than Palkia, Kingdra and Giratina.


Pokemon GO SteelixSteelix

Arlo’s Steelix is a scary opponent, as it has access to Electric, Dragon and Steel fast moves. Its charge moves can be Ground, Steel and Dark typed, which makes countering it quite difficult. Steelix is weak to Fighting, Fire, Ground and Water attacks.

Recommended counters


Pokemon GO ScizorScizor

Arlo’s Scizor uses Steel or Bug fast moves and Steel, Dark or Bug charge moves. Scizor is double weak to Fire, which is why most of the counters are strong Fire types. Be aware that Scizor hits hard as a truck, so be careful here.

Recommended counters


Pokemon GO DragoniteDragonite

Arlo’s Dragonite uses Dragon or Steel fast moves and Dragon, Flying or Normal charge moves. Dragonite is 2x weak to Ice, 1x weak to Rock and Fairy attacks. We’re prioritizing counters that take reduced damage from Dragonite, rather than going full out here.

Recommended counters

The counters listed below are great if Dragnite has a Dragon fast move. If Dragonite has Steel Wing as its fast move, your Fairy counters will be toasted. Use Dialga, Reshiram, Zekrom and Palkia instead.


Pokemon GO SalamenceSalamence

Arlo’s Salamence has access to Fire, Dragon and Dark fast moves, and Fire, Dragon and Water charge moves. Honestly, countering it can be a nightmare, but its actually quite similar to Dragonite.

Recommended counters

If Salamence has Bite, prioritize Tyranitar (and Terrakion). Against Dragon Tail bring your Fairies. Palkia, Kingdra and similar Pokémon are great against Fire Fang.

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