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Artist Replicates Iconic Resident Evil: Village Castle Dimitrescu In Dreams

Media Molecule’s Dreams is a pretty stellar video game for players who’re more interested in creating games. It’s a system that is played through PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 which ultimately allows players to develop games. From there the creators can share their projects with others online and over the past year, we’ve seen plenty of incredible creations along with recreations for past beloved video game projects. 

Thanks to all the tools available, this is a piece of software that makes game creations quite easy and accessible for more players worldwide. As mentioned, some creators can replicate either actual locations around the world to moments in past video games. It’s even lead to some issues with copyright infringement as players were forced into taking down some of their creations or works such as the popular Mario character upload for others to use. 

One of the recent creations that have taken the world by storm is the recreation of Castle Dimitrescu from the recent Resident Evil: Village release. This is a popular location and one of the first places players get to explore. It’s a highly detailed environment that Marin Nebelong recreated in Dreams. Martin is an artist that works for Media Molecule so he’s pretty handy with Dreams and apparently, this was all made completely from scratch using game. 

Martin went on to say that this is something you can explore in VR if you’re looking to get immersed. It’s truly incredible to see what Dreams are capable of and it has us wondering just how terrifying of an experience this game could have been if it offered a VR option. For now, you can explore the timeline of Martin’s Twitter account which shows some of the build processes behind this project.

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