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Battlefield 2042 Lead Designer Responds to Player Concerns

Despite having an absolute legion of players, Battlefield 2042 just isn’t hitting the mark. Scores across review sites seem to plummet more by the day, and the game’s community is taking to social media to highlight the biggest issues and bugs with the new release. The game leaves out large features included in past entries, while also managing to fumble AI and hitbox detection, and everything in between. It would be par for the course for EA Dice to simply work on resolving certain issues behind the scenes, but either in a show of good faith or an attempt to save face, Battlefield 2042‘s lead game designer Florian Le Bihan took to Twitter over the weekend to respond to a fair share of complaints and questions relating to the title.

Thankfully, Le Bihan informed the masses that the largest issues with the game–namely the hit registration and weapon balances–are already being worked on, and the next few patches should introduce some much-needed fixes. EA Dice has also seen the many Reddit posts detailing other player issues and is taking steps to introduce player-requested features back into the game, along with implementing other changes to improve the player experience. This all may come as too little too late for some members of the Battlefield community, but those who desperately want to like 2042 might find it easier to do in the near future. Seeing some communication is a plus, and seeing communication from such a major player is unexpected. Despite the fact that 2042 feels so hugely unfinished and unpolished, this is a step forward. The game’s release can’t be taken back, however, and all Dice can do now is work to appease the ones who paid them their hard-earned money for the title.

Battlefield 2042 was released on November 19, 2021, on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Plenty of fans noted that after playing the beta, the final product would have faired better had it been delayed for a bit more polish. Hopefully, any upcoming patches and fixes are absolutely massive–they’ll have to be to improve those comically low scores.


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