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Battlefield 6 News Coming This June

Battlefield is a massive video game franchise. Unlike Call of Duty, this IP doesn’t receive an annual release so fans are typically waiting a good while between big releases. We know that there is a game in the works and we’re expected to see it launch into the marketplace sometime later this year. Unfortunately, news for the game has been really scarce so we’re keeping our eyes out for anything noteworthy that’s not necessarily just a supposed leak or rumor.

Something concrete and official is that Battlefield will have some kind of news to offer fans worldwide this June. Taking to the official Twitter account for Battlefield, a new tweet was released that indicates that something is coming next month. Nothing other than a slight indication was unveiled so again it’s purely a guessing game as to just what the development team will have ready for unveiling.

With that said, June is likely going to be filled with different streaming events such as E3. Just like last year, there are no in-person events going on just yet with the world still in a pandemic fighting off the virus that’s plagued every region. As a result, streaming events will be taking place instead which was popular last year. While some individuals may prefer getting to attend the events, having these streams come out and provide snippets of what’s to come allowed players to still get all the latest new announcements in a format edited without the fumbles or mishaps from doing them live.

Perhaps one of these streams is where we’ll get the big Battlefield news for June. As for now, we’re not sure just what to expect for this upcoming game. No details have been offered quite yet and it’s leaving players incredibly hyped and anticipated for the grand reveal.

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