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Binary Smoke Unveiled From Former Bungie Devs

Those of you looking to get a bit more cyberpunk gameplay in your lives will find Binary Smoke of interest. This is a new video game title coming out into the market from Outside Game Studio. If you’re not familiar with the studio name then this is a company that came out in 2019 from former Bungie developers. Today, we’re finding out about their first debut title in the works.

Binary Smoke doesn’t have a ton of information out quite yet but it does look like a title taking place in the distant future. Science has made a massive achievement by forming a synthetic life form known as Binaries. These lifeforms also possession of incredible supernatural powers which you’ll be taking the role of a rouge Binary. Our sentient lifeform has started to think for itself and as a result, has found the ruling class to be tyrannical.

Players will be going through an action-packed adventure as they attempt to overthrow the ruling class and restore faith for a brighter future. So far the game looks to be filled with bright neon colors in a lively city. For now, we only have one trailer for this game which you can view in the video embedded below.

With all that said, we’re still waiting for more information to come out on just what we can expect from this game. However, it does look like it will be an exclusive release under the Epic Games Store. If you recall, earlier this month, we had received word that Epic Game Store had plenty of unannounced exclusive deals for the digital storefront and this just happens to be one from the ever growing list.

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