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Blacksmiths Forge Weapon From Godfall

A group of real-world blacksmiths focused on recreating video game weapons goes to work remaking the Eclipse Sword from Godfall.

Players have learned about some interesting features in the upcoming title, Godfall. The game has already been promoted as using PS5’s haptic feedback to simulate the feel of Godfall‘s weapons, but a promotional stunt is bringing an even more realistic weapon feel.

Gearbox hired a group of blacksmiths to create one of the weapons from Godfall in real life. Man At Arms: Reforged is a YouTube show that focuses on making video game weapons. The show has been running for years and has forged many video game weapons into reality, with the latest creation of the channel being the Eclipse Sword from Godfall.

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The blacksmiths of Baltimore Knife and Sword go into detail on forging their Eclipse Sword as part of the promotion. It’s a twin-bladed sword with a circle hilt, and one of the weapons most often seen in Godfall promotional material. The video squeezes the lengthy process into just fifteen minutes, and the result is amazing to see and true to its appearance in game. As of this writing, it’s unclear if Counterplay Games, a smaller indie studio working on the AAA title, was the impetus behind Gearbox’s decision to sponsor this recreation of the sword.

The response on Twitter has largely been in awe of the sword, with a couple of exceptions. Typically the Man At Arms team creates replicas of more well-known video game armaments, like the Hylian Shield. The Eclipse Sword looks cool, and seeing it cut through skulls and milk cartons makes for a fun video. Given the Eclipse Sword is part of Godfall‘s logo, it makes sense for Gearbox to have commissioned this piece, but it will be interesting to see whether Man At Arms revisits the title for any other weapons going forward.

Various factors determine what weapons or armor are forged by the Man At Arms crew, but it’s often done through fan requests. That’s why Genji’s Katana from Overwatch was forged, along with his shuriken. The crew covers more than just video games as well, with builds from anime and films in their catalog.

Considering the size and materials used in the construction of the Eclipse Sword, it appears to be a little bit unwieldy in real life. However, the demonstration at the end of the video shows it definitely works, and getting to see the heft and power behind a sword like this in real life makes the fast-paced action in Godfall‘s recent trailer even more impressive.

Godfall releases on November 12 for PC and PS5.

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