Bloodlines 2 came close to being cancelled completely

It’s been quite a ride for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, from the excitement of its long-overdue announcement in 2019 to the sad flameout two years later that led publisher Paradox Interactive to delay the project “indefinitely.” It was a relief when Paradox announced earlier this month that development hadn’t been cancelled outright, but in an interview with Swedish website Avanza (Google translated), CEO Fredrik Wester said it came awfully close.

“When we lifted the game from the original developer, we had a long review in case we should end the game [development] or run it further,” Wester said. “We were actually prepared to close the production completely. But we got a pitch that we thought was convincing enough to run, played on, and we have very good hopes that it will be a good game that meets the players’ expectations.”

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