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Borderlands 3 Shows Off Season Pass 2 With New Trailer

Today marks the arrival of Designer’s Cut, and Gearbox is celebrating with a look at all the new content coming your way in Season Pass 2.

Today marks the arrival of Borderlands 3 Designer’s Cut, and Gearbox is celebrating with a look at all the new content coming your way in Season Pass 2. The trailer is a combination of gameplay and cinematics, showing off the new Arms Race mode, new skill trees, and new skins for each Vault Hunter.

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Designer’s Cut is the first part of what looks to be an action-packed season. You’re now able to access the new content – including the challenging new Arms Race mode. This sees you thrown onto an island with absolutely nothing, forcing you to scavenge your environment and pick up powerful gear as you go. There’s more than just enemies to look out for, however, as you’ll need to avoid the ever shrinking battle-royale-like-fog in order to survive. It’s a cool twist on the Borderlands formula, and one that should be a great diversion from your usual looting and shooting hijinks. It’s featured heavily in the new trailer, which can be viewed below:

The Season Pass 2 Official Trailer also showcases the new skill trees for each of the Vault Hunters. This includes skills such as FL4K’s Gravity Snare and Amara’s powerful Phaseflare. These new trees have already been detailed extensively by Gearbox, and hopefully they give players a new way to build their characters.

We don’t see much of it in the official trailer, but Season Pass 2 includes the upcoming Director’s Cut. It’s not planned to release until next spring but, if it’s as packed with content as Designer’s Cut, then it’ll certainly be worth the wait. Our review of Designer’s Cut found that it added significant new value to Borderlands 3, and fans of the series will probably find something to like in the add-on.

If you can’t get enough Borderlands 3, Gearbox released a second trailer today, titled Next-Level Mayhem. It’s a quick look at all the content in Borderlands 3, featuring explosions, guns, more explosions, and more guns. You can check it out here.

Borderlands 3 Designer’s Cut is now available.

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