‘Burn the witch!’ Hearthstone’s most annoying card is getting nerfed to the ground tomorrow

I’ve said it so many times that perhaps it doesn’t bear repeating, but once more with feeling: The current Hearthstone team does not mess about when it comes to intervening in the meta. Each major release is swiftly followed by waves of balance changes designed to course correct the player experience. The next patch, which drops sometime tomorrow, is the third of the current United in Stormwind expansion cycle, and brings with it a groaning smorgasbord of nerfs, buffs, and even (swoon!) a couple of outright bans

The full patch notes are here, but let’s start with what will be the headline for a lot of players: The change coming to Mindrender Illucia, which is the Priest Legendary which swaps your entire hand of cards with your opponents’ for one turn. Sounds like a cool effect, you might think. And you’d be right, but when you’re on the receiving end it’s also annoying as balls.

Shadow Priests have been using Illucia as an early game play to essentially skip the opponent’s turn.

—Blizzard, to lots of furious nodding.

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