Capcom is actually putting some effort into Monster Hunter Rise’s PC version

Earlier this year, my PC lay dormant for many evenings. This was because of the superb Monster Hunter: Rise on Switch, a new entry in the long-running series that eschewed the fancypants new direction of Monster Hunter World in favour of the ‘older’ style of Monster Hunter. With special moves. It’s just a brilliant game.

We’ve always known Rise would eventually arrive on PC, and now Capcom’s released a trailer for the PC version showcasing some of the improvements it’s made. What is great is that this isn’t just a barebones port, which some folk were worried about, but takes advantage of the more powerful hardware: 4K resolution, ultrawide display option, an improved framerate, a bunch of graphical options, and of course all the DLC release thus far (a lot). Here’s Capcom’s site for the PC version.

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