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Classic PlayStation Franchises That Need To Make A Comeback

8. Ape Escape

Though it never quite reached the same level of popularity as other PlayStation titles like Crash Bandicoot or Metal Gear Solid, the original Ape Escape was nonetheless an important game for Sony’s first home console. Released in 1999, Ape Escape was the first game that made the DualShock controller mandatory, as the game’s controls centered around the use of the controller’s twin analog sticks. That being said, Ape Escape was more than just a game with a control gimmick, being an entertaining platformer in its own right.

Unfortunately, the string of sequels never really matched the original game’s heights and it feels like the franchise has never truly hit its full potential, especially since the last few games have largely just been minigame collections or lackluster spinoffs. Sure, all you really did was run around and catch monkeys in a net, but Ape Escape kept things fresh by throwing a bunch of cool gadgets at you (rotating the right analog stick to use Spike’s propeller gadget blew my 10-year-old mind). Plus, you got to bash monkeys in the head with a weapon that looked like a lightsaber. Who wouldn’t want to do that? Source: GameSpot

7. Parappa the Rapper

The title that pretty much invented the rhythm game genre and paved the way for games such as Dance Dance RevolutionAmplitude, and Guitar HeroPaRappa the Rapper turned players’ DualShock controllers into an instrument, as you needed to time button presses to match specific beats. While the rhythm-based gameplay was addictive in its own right, it wouldn’t have been half as engaging if it weren’t for PaRappa the Rapper’s charming sense of style, with papercraft-like animations, interesting character and most importantly, catchy tunes.

Unfortunately, over a two decade span, the game has only spawned two follow-up titles: the guitar-based spinoff Um Jammer Lammy in 1999 and a direct sequel, PaRappa the Rapper 2, for the PlayStation 2 in 2001. Rhythm games have gone out of fashion to a degree ever since the plastic instrument crash but as the 2016 Amplitude reboot proved, there is still a niche to be filled by traditional button-prompt music games. A $20 downloadable PaRappa game could be just the thing to get the series up and rhyming again. You gotta believe!


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