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Confessions Of A Former Hater – How I Learned To Love Fortnite: Battle Royale

Then I started noticing that most of my friends were playing the game and little else, and I started to wonder if maybe I was wrong about Fortnite. After all, if this game was starting to affect the very social structure of high schools across the country, it must be the real deal, right? So I decided to give the game another go and while my initial impressions were still overwhelmingly negative, I slowly started to come around to the idea that Fortnite might be not just a good game, but a legitimately great one.

If you’re anything like I was and are at the point where you can’t stand to hear one more thing about this damn game, perhaps this article will shed some light on why, even if battle royale games aren’t your cup of tea, Fortnite is a game that at the very least deserves your respect.

Here are 11 reasons why I’ve been converted to Fortnite (pray for me).

11. Free-to-Play is Hard to Say “No” to

If I had to put up $30 to $60 upfront to play Fortnite, I probably would have never given it the time of day and I’m sure there are millions of players in the same boat. The fact is, going free-to-play is one of, if not the most significant decision Epic made in ensuring Fortnite’s success. Gaming is an expensive hobby, so the fact that you can jump in and play with friends at no cost is a hard proposition to turn down.

I say this as someone who knows how painful it can be to try and convince friends to pony up for a $60 game so you can play online together, so the fact that Fortnite is just … there, goes a long way in helping explain why this game has become such a massive hit. The fact that you can also play it on pretty much every modern gaming device – console, PC, even mobile – doesn’t hurt either.

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