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Coral Island – Beautiful Life Sim Gets Visual Upgrade And More

The developers of Coral island recently released their new devlog, and it reveals some pretty sweet features.

For those that may have missed it, Coral Island is a super cute farming and life sim game that focus on our connection to the planet around us, and the preservation of it. This wonderful title has everything we have come to expect from the farming and life sim genre, like horticulture, ranching, dating and community interaction, but with a deeply meaningful and impactful story to guide the way.

In the recent devlog, the developers outline what they have been focusing on most recently. First is the level of character customization. The devs want to ensure that the game has a level inclusion, so that all may feel welcome to help better the world, which is why they will be offering a wide array of options in terms of customization options.

One of the most exciting additions of late is the visual upgrade to the buildings. The devs shared a sneak peak at what the new Carpenters shop looks like, and it certainly looks much more rich and inviting. The team also shared what the concept art looked like that inspired this transition.

Concept Art

(Top image) – Before Transition (Bottom image) – After Transition


The developers also shared a little bit of personal artwork to celebrate Earth Day.

More info

For more information on what’s new Coral Island, you can check out the devlog here.

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