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Ctrl Alt Delete: 14 Cancelled Video Games That Would Have Been Incredible

4 Super Mario Spikers

It’s near-impossible to make a Mario game that isn’t totally weird, but Super Mario Spikers could’ve been the strangest take of all: a volleyball game mixed with pro wrestling, starring a fat Italian with mushroom-based superpowers.

Originally a simple Mario-based volleyball game, Next Level Games eventually cranked up the physicality, turning it into a version of volleyball with elements of pro wrestling. Presumably, you could either punch the ball, or punch your opponent in the jaw. Concept art showed several awesome arenas and rings, including one with electrified ropes because this wasn’t just wrestling — it was hardcore wrestling.

Sadly, in 2007 Nintendo put a big spike in Spikers. For their image’s sake, Nintendo understandably didn’t want the kid-friendly Mario to get too violent, and this was exactly that. So Next Level moved on to develop Wii Punch-Out!! instead. You have to admire the studio’s dedication as no matter what, they were going to guarantee we got to punch some pixels. Source: GameSpot

3 Daredevil: The Man Without Fear

In 2003, Daredevil wasn’t one of the more well-known superheroes. That said, we were still going to get a minor, possibly-fun game based on him, but that turned into a much bigger deal once Ben Affleck’s Daredevil movie became a reality. Suddenly, Daredevil: The Man Without Fear was a sprawling, 3D open-world epic that, in at least one way, foretold Batman’s Arkham games. Daredevil was to feature a “heightened senses” tool that could let you see via radar vision, much like Batman’s Detective Mode, which sounds way better than how Daredevil usually sees: not at all.

Sadly, clashes between Marvel and Sony regarding the game’s direction, plus possible in-studio drug abuse, killed the game despite it being near completion. Hopefully, with the success of Netflix’s Daredevil series, plus superheroes doing huge box office in general, Daredevil will get another turn at the video game radar sooner rather than later.

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