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Dead by Daylight Developer Working on New IP

Behaviour talks in an interview with Game Rant about the possibility of a Dead by Daylight 2 and the next project the developer is working on.

Even after five years, Dead by Daylight stands as the top watched asymmetric game on Twitch. This makes the recent jump to PS5 and Xbox Series X a natural shift for Behaviour Interactive, but recent accounts from the developer may suggest that there’s more. there is a brand new title currently in the works.

In a recent interview, Behavior Interactive spoke with Game Rant about both Dead by Daylight‘s move to next-gen consoles, as well as the future of the title. While the likelihood of a sequel to the developer’s asymmetric horror title isn’t exactly what players should be looking out for just yet, there might be more going on behind the scenes at Behavior for a different project.

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When answering a question about what the developer might have planned next, either for Dead by Daylight or future projects, Mathieu Cote, Behaviour’s Head of Partnerships, commented briefly on a future game. Cote couldn’t elaborate too much on the state of the game or the new experience that the developer is looking to bring to players, but he did confirm that Behavior does have plans for a new game. From the way the developer described this new game, it may not be like the flagship title Dead by Daylight but remains equally ambitious:

The topic of a sequel to Dead by Daylight comes up regularly. Every time it does, we all reach the same decision, to put all our energy and attention on the game that currently has about a million people playing every single day. It is the reason why we decided to do such a big graphical update, to make this 5 year old game look better and shinier than ever.

As for our other projects, we can’t say anything just yet but we have plans. Just like we showed the world a new way to do multiplayer, we want to challenge the way people play games.

As for a future Dead by Daylight 2, Cote mentioned that while the question does come up frequently, both among the development team as well as the player community, it is usually dismissed. Instead, Behavior would prefer to continue to work on adding new content to Dead by Daylight and continually updating the existing title in order to keep providing a quality experience to the game’s millions of players. To this degree, the developer will be bringing improvements to the game alongside the next-gen leap, including new graphical and VFX improvements, making a sequel unnecessary and a new, unrelated title more likely.

With partnership work on titles like the recent Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 remake, Days Gone, and Gears 5, Behaviour has a history with some fairly high quality games. So, it’s likely that whatever the developer’s new title might be, it’s may just have the same level of detail as Dead by Daylight. However, if Behaviour’s response is anything to go by, players shouldn’t be looking for the same gameplay experience, and should instead brace to see how/if the developer can shake up the games industry again.

Dead by Daylight is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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