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Dead By Daylight: Silent Hill Physical Release Comes With New Akira Yamaoka Soundtrack

There is quite a large fan base for the Silent Hill franchise that has been enjoying the series for years now. With a talented team of developers from Konami that went by the name Team Silent, fans were able to get four solid installments before the team was disbanded. Since then the franchise has been tossed around to different developers that haven’t met the same mark as the original developers in terms of quality and content. 

For several years now the Silent Hill franchise has been dormant. While things looked like there may be a positive change coming to the IP after Hideo Kojima opted to take the series on, it was quickly canceled after the developer split from Konami. Since then, Silent Hill fans have been left in limbo wondering if this game would ever get a second chance at life. Fortunately, there is a means to enjoy the Silent Hill IP through Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight has been offering gamers a variety of crossover events for fans but the latest was based around the Silent Hill IP. Taking certain characters and even a map, players can go through the game as either Pyramid Head in hopes of taking out a team of players or step into the likes of Heather Mason as she attempts to escape the killer. While it’s not the same thing as a real Silent Hill game, there is some incentive for fans to pick up the upcoming physical edition release.

If you haven’t heard, Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill Edition is an upcoming physical copy of Dead by Daylight that comes packed with the Silent Hill crossover. Unfortunately, it seems to be only releasing in Japan so if you wish to purchase a copy, you’ll need to import it. With that said, there is a brand new track called Like The Moon which was handled by Akira Yamaoka, who was the composer for the Silent Hill franchise. This song is even teased in the trailer video above. 

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