Dead Cells update adds Hollow Knight’s nail, lets you turn into a chicken

Punishing permadeath platformer Dead Cells (our pick for Best Roguelike back in 2018) just got a new update that adds skins, weapons, and skills from other indie games that have cores of similar hardness. To unlock the outfits you’ll need to complete challenges found via a book of clues in the opening area, and the rest can be found in new lore rooms scattered throughout the levels.

The additions include the nail from Hollow Knight, which can be used in a downward-attack move I’m sure won’t be infuriatingly difficult to pull off. Though the Knight himself isn’t playable in Dead Cells, Juan from Guacamelee is and thanks to “Pollo Power” he can transform into a chicken that lays eggs, which then explode. That’s a tough act to follow, but the Penitent One from Blasphemous does add a Face Flask you use by smashing it onto your own forehead. 

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