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Dead Island 2 Is An Epic Games Store Exclusive According To Legal Document

Dead Island was a pretty big hit video game release several years ago. Developed by Techland, the game put players into a character immune from the zombie plague but finding themself stuck on a resort island. With so many others infected and proving to be hostile when approached by the player, the game has the protagonist seeking out a way to successfully escape off the island. Of course, when the game came to an end, there was a sign that the plague will continue to spread.

It was in 2014 that we got the Dead Island 2 announcement which featured a small cinematic trailer showcasing a city in North America turning into a zombie apocalypse. This had plenty of fans eager to dive into the game and see just how the story would continue. Unfortunately, there haven’t any announcements regarding the game since the announcement. Instead, the game project was swapped around between studios with only publishers Deep Silver claiming the game is not canceled.

While we’re waiting for an actual trailer to show just how the game will play, it does look like those on PC will find the game releasing exclusively to the Epic Games Store. This is not too unusual to see exclusives being released through the Epic Games Store digital marketplace. Epic Games has been working on several deals to get games exclusively on the platform to draw more consumers away from competitors like Valve’s Steam. 

Today, we’re finding out that a recent court document between the Epic vs Apple legal battle has revealed that in 2019 Epic Games Store has secured exclusive PC rights for the Dead Island 2 video game. This also comes with the next Saints Row video game which would be two potential big hitters when they end up launching into the marketplace. 

Source: Gamesradar 

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