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Deadly Premonition 2 Coming to Steam Later This Year

Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise is coming to PC — Steam, specifically — after having been exclusive to the Nintendo Switch since its release last year. We don’t know when — this all comes from a note in the publisher’s annual report — but we can hope that now this game might finally get the patched, updated rerelease it deserved.

Resetera users first discovered mention of a Steam release in a 2020 report from Thunderful Games, the parent company of DP2’s publisher, Rising Star Games. The report itself doesn’t mention any details, but simply reads “Deadly Premonition 2 – Steam” on a list of externally developed games. There’s not much to glean from it, but it at least states the publisher’s intentions of giving the game a second chance at release.

In case you hadn’t played it, the game is both a prequel and a sequel to the original Deadly Premonition, starring two FBI agents reopening a murder investigation in the modern-day and a much-younger Special Agent Francis York Morgan, the first game’s protagonist, handing the original investigation in the past. The reception to the game was mixed, and your mileage may vary on whether it recreated the first game’s bizarre charm. It also suffered from some pretty bad performance issues on the Switch. I suppose a PC release offers developers Toybox the chance to put their game on a system that can run it. 

So far, we don’t know exactly when the game will be released on Steam, just that the publisher intends it to come out this year. But given the multiple game delays recently, I’m not going to put money on any date. Still, at least this will give a whole new audience of gamers the chance to play a survival horror game in which the minigames include bowling and skateboarding.

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