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Death Stranding – Director's Cut Teaser Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2021

Sam gets his Solid Snake on in a new teaser at Summer Game Fest for the Director’s Cut of Death Stranding.

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John Hart
1 month ago

Here we go again, Snake

Juan Ignacio Caso
1 month ago

director's cut? so the ending is now nine hours of unskippable exposition instead of just three?

1 month ago

Hideo misses Snake just as much as us.

Slippery Brisco
1 month ago

Wait where did all his packages go lol? He was fully strapped before he grabbed the box.

james Frank
1 month ago

"free for original owners right?"

Joshua Newman
1 month ago

"kept you waiting, huh?"

1 month ago

Well that was dumb

sticken to commentary
1 month ago

What the f*** was this death stranding is tryin to be metal gear now

Morad Ghazali
1 month ago

We want metal gear style kojima

Ed 865
1 month ago

The cowards' day every day.

Dario Ptičar
1 month ago

60fps…time to replay this all over again

1 month ago

Sam!? Are you alright? Sam? SAAAAAAAAAAM!!!

Obi Wan Kenobi
1 month ago

He's back boys, the legend is back

1 month ago

Expansion pack

1 month ago

Metal gear solid : Snyder's cut

1 month ago

This feels like Kojima making a final goodbye to MGS, ya know, Sam putting the box away and moving on, and how the box says "Handled" with care instead of Handle with care, a nice Kojima style goodbye to MGS

John Powell
1 month ago

Why does this feel like a hint to MGS remake?
Because the area looks very similar to the beginning of the MGS game and the box

Anti Riku
1 month ago

lol guy's such a troll

Joseph Autumn
1 month ago

Who puts oranges in a box!!!???

Rieval Nathanael
1 month ago

that was some high quality oranges

1 month ago

Thanks Kojima, now Norman Reedus confirmed a cat.

1 month ago


Uki Malefu
1 month ago

Metal Gear Stranding

Cristian Chelaru
1 month ago

coming soon on ps5 (next decade)

Suka Madik
1 month ago

This will be a free update for people that already bought the game on PS4 right?

that guy
1 month ago

Pretty much telling Konami to handle the MGS series with care ..

1 month ago

metal gear death stranding

1 month ago

Can we have a Director's Cut with Resident Evil 3 Remake? That gane was fun but short as f.

Nick Lopez
1 month ago

this part was not from the ps4 version of the game, so is this DLC content?

Marius MacSouza
1 month ago

It's worth the 60 dlls:)

Ghost 19
1 month ago

This is how you make an anticipating. dramatic, failed expectation~ love it!

1 month ago

Delivery man simulator

Осётр Пётр
1 month ago

Sometimes thinking outside the box doesn't help, this is why sometimes you need to think inside the box.

1 month ago

Wait. Regular death stranding wasn't the director's cut? this seems like the fan's expectation's cut.