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Destiny 2 Delays Trials of Osiris Due to Recently Discovered Issue

One of the issues affecting Destiny 2 and its Beyond Light expansion has forced Bungie to push back the next Trials of Osiris a few weeks.

Although it’s not that unusual for Destiny 2 to experience some technical difficulties with the launch of a new expansion, the Beyond Light expansion seems to be having a few more problems than usual. Its launch this week brought down Destiny 2’s servers for a bit and has introduced a number of other issues, and one of these has resulted in Bungie delaying the next Trials of Osiris.

The developer took to Twitter to confirm that it’s putting the weekly PvP activity on hold for a few weeks, meaning that the first Trials for the newly-launched Season of the Hunt will no longer take place this weekend as originally scheduled. This will be disappointing for those looking forward to the next Trials’ addition of Adept weapons, but on the plus side, it won’t be much longer before it returns, as Bungie currently has it scheduled to take place during the weekend of November 27.

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Unfortunately, though, the problem with Trials remains a mystery at this time, since Bungie only blamed the delay on a “recently discovered issue.” What this issue is up for speculation, but over the last few days, players have stumbled upon a few suspects. Not long after Beyond Light launched, some players discovered a farming method for reaching Destiny 2’s new soft Power level cap of 1200 fast. Given that they weren’t intended to reach the cap this quickly, it’s possible that there’s too much of a Power discrepancy between players who have farmed and those who haven’t for Trials to be fairly balanced this early in the season.

The “recently discovered issue” could also be the infinite super glitch that the Warlock Stasis subclass is capable of, or perhaps the broader issue with the new Stasis abilities, which a lot of players consider overpowered and broken in PvP. Either of these could potentially be abused in Trials to devastating effect.

Whatever the problem, it’s just one of quite a few that players have found so far. For all that the new expansion does well out the gate, it seems that players have found just as many things to take issue with in Beyond Light. Whether reception will improve as new content like Trials of Osiris and the upcoming Deep Stone Crypt raid arrives remains to be seen, but for now, the road ahead looks like it will be bumpy for a little while.

While Bungie hasn’t divulged what caused Trials to be delayed, it did open up on another issue plaguing Destiny 2 players. The developer confirmed in its latest weekly blog post that it’s aware of reports of players being unable to access Beyond Light or its season pass after purchase, and it offered instructions for what they can do to resolve the problem.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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Source: Bungie

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