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Destiny 2: How to Get Mask of Bakris

Destiny 2 Beyond Light introduces a new exotic hunter helmet, Mask of Bakris, letting players to turn their dodge ability into a long range shift.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light introduced six new exotic armor pieces for players to chase after, one of which being the Mask of Bakris. Alongside these new exotics, Bungie changed the way players initially acquire them. Aiming for a more focused approach to farming these new exotic armor pieces, Bungie has introduced legend and master lost sectors. The new Destiny 2 Beyond Light exotic armor pieces can be earned by completing the legend or master difficulty of lost sectors, solo. No fireteams allowed.

The Mask of Bakris is an exotic Hunter helmet, and its perk, Light Shift, replaces the Stasis subclass Hunter Dodge ability with a longer range, faster moving Shift that partially cloaks the user during use. After Shifting, the user’s Arc weapons deal increased damage to combatants for a short time. The user also deals increased damage to all slowed or encased combatants. The damage increases from Mask of Bakris do not work in PVP.

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To obtain the Mask of Bakris or any of the other Beyond Light exotic armor pieces, players must complete either the legend or master lost sectors, alone. Legend and master lost sectors become available once players have reached 1200 power and have previously completed the lost sector on normal difficulty. Legend lost sectors are recommended power 1250 with a rare chance at an exotic armor piece, while the master lost sectors are recommended power 1280 with a common chance at an exotic armor piece.

Beyond Light legend and master lost sectors rotate both location and the exotic armor piece that drops. Players will need to check back daily to find out what lost sectors have been made legend or master, as well as what armor slot each lost sector is awarding. To clarify, if a legend or master lost sector is awarding exotic legs, players will have to check back another day until either the legend or master lost sector of the day is awarding exotic helmets.

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Completing a legend or master lost sector only provides a chance that the exotic helmet will be awarded to players. Master lost sectors have a higher chance, but are also more difficult to complete. Once Destiny 2 players have located either a legend or master lost sector that is awarding exotic helmets, players can begin preparing to farm. Both legend and master lost sectors have specified modifiers that will change, Beyond Light players should create a build that will help them complete the lost sector with whatever its active modifiers are. Barrier, Overload, and Unstoppable Champions are common modifiers players should prepare for.

When Beyond Light players have finished creating their guardian build, they will need to keep starting and completing the legend or master lost sector until the Mask of Bakris (or other targeted exotic) drops as a reward from the final chest, after beating the lost sector boss. After players have earned the Mask of Bakris, the loot pool for legend or master lost sector exotic helmets, will update to include all other class specific exotic helmets.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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