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Destiny 2: Trials of Osiris Loot and Map This Week (November 6

The Trials of Osiris offer Destiny 2 players with Crucible winning streaks Egyptian-themed armor and a weapon just before the new expansion.

Destiny 2 is picking up speed this week as it gets closer and closer to the release of Beyond Light. Along with some good loot from Zur on November 6, players this week can nab themselves some beautiful, Egyptian-themed Osiris armor for completing some Trials of Osiris.

Trial of Osiris

Destiny 2 is no stranger to Osiris’ trials; they have been a big part of the game all year. Although the Trials have had their share of troubles this year, like a game-breaking Lighthouse bug that shut the Trials of Osiris down back in June. However, this season’s Trials look like they are worth completing.

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This time around, the Trials of Osiris vendor and announcer is Saint-14 in his telltale purple armor, and players will find him after reset in the Tower every Friday.

destiny 2 trials of osiris saint 14

Trial of Osiris Rewards

Although the rewards, maps, and challenges will change every week for the Trials, this week’s loot is worth looking into (there’s a reason why Destiny 2 is considered one of the most loot-fueled looter-shooter games). The map this week is the Endless Vale, and players can get rewards by winning certain numbers of matches.

  • 3 Wins: Hunter Cloak, Titan Mark, or Warlock Bond of the Exile
  • 5 wins — The Summoner, Solar auto rifle
  • 7 wins — Hunter Grips, Titan Gloves, or Warlock Gauntlets of the Exile
  • Flawless 7 wins in a row — Hunter Vest, Titan Robe, or Warlock Plate of the Exile; access to the Lighthouse space, special armor glow for armor for Destiny 2

In order to achieve the 3 wins reward, players can either win 3 Crucible matches, or complete the End Game weekly bounty. Either will net the player the Cloak, Mark or Bond for a reward.

Considering that the Trials of Osiris are always high-tier PVP events, getting seven flawless games in a row isn’t easy. Even with the DDoS protection added this year for Steam users, Destiny 2 players will still have to hope to get good teammates, unmatched enemy player teams, no immediate losses, and a lot of luck in the Crucible to be able to complete this challenge. However, the trial is worth it; the armor sets for these Osiris Trials are some of the coolest looking ones so far.

Dates for These Rewards

The rewards will change on November 9th, 2020, so players must complete the Trials before that date to guarantee getting these rewards. Although if a player misses them, they will still have a lot of interesting new loot, massive changes, and more story coming along with Destiny 2‘s Beyond Light Expansion, which will drop the next day on November 10th, 2020.

Destiny 2 is available for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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Source: Polygon

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