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Destiny 2’s Fallen Babies Get Plush Forms on the Merch Store

Credit: Bungie

Bungie is now making a new toy for its Destiny 2 players: Adorable little plushies of the infant Fallen. They only appeared for a few seconds in the trailer for the latest game content update, but they’ve already won over the fans. So Bungie has decided to give the players what they want — or, more likely, were aware of how fans would react and had these ready to deploy.

In case you aren’t aware of what’s been going on in the Destiny community, a trailer for the upcoming Season of the Splicer content dropped earlier this week. It’s an intense event, with the Vex having plunged the Last City into darkness with a simulation and, in desperation, Ikora turns to Fallen ally Mithrax, who knows how to combat the Vex’s tech. So far, so Destiny. There’s a lot of content coming this season, which means a lot to absorb from this trailer, right?

Well, if you were to hear players tell it, the only thing worth seeing in that trailer was a split-second shot of a Fallen carrying three adorable little bundles of baby Fallen in its arms. They may not have appeared for very long, but it was long enough to inspire fanart fever among Destiny fans. And it seems Bungie have noticed and are capitalizing on this reaction. Heck, there were fans on Twitter asking for plushies directly.

Bungie already has a page for these adorable little alien burritos on its merch store, which says they are “coming soon.” The description reads: “You’ve already Fallen in love with these adorable Eliksni snuggle bugs. Now bring one home.” From the pictures, it appears its four eyes will light up blue, just as they did in the trailer. That said, another sentence from the description says, “Development in progress; Details subject to change.”

Source: GamesRadar

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