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Disco Elysium: How To Find Out Your Name

Who am I? Let’s find out together in this Disco Elysium guide.

In Disco Elysium, you start the game having already obliterated all of your memories. You don’t remember where you are, when you are, or who you are. What makes matters worse is that you’re also meant to solve a crime, which can be a little difficult when you can’t give any potential witness you meet a straight answer about your name.

Luckily there is a way to recover your memories, and lost equipment, or at least some of them. When you were trying to destroy your mind you also lost both your gun and your badge, and at least one of these has your name written on it, but is there more to a name than what’s on your ID? This guide will walk you through where you can recover your name so you can at least introduce yourself when the time comes.

How To Find Clues To Your Name In Disco Elysium

Evrart Claire in Disco Elysium

Because you spent several days in Martinasie before consigning your memories to oblivion, there are more than a few people to who you’ve already introduced yourself to. The problem is you can’t just ask strangers if they happen to know your name, no matter how strange you are.

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Instead, you have to find someone that will use your name, perhaps in a gesture of familiarity or dominance. And who better to be overly familiar and openly manipulative than Evrart Claire, the leader of the Dockworker’s Union. If you can find your way past Measurehead and into the harbour, you can speak to him and he will refer to you as Harry Du Bois. It sounds like a name, it has a beginning, middle, and end, but something about it doesn’t sit right with the detective. Evrart though, is certain this is your name, and he even has a file on you, or so he says.

You can get another clue to your name by finding your ledger in bin in the yard of the Whirling-In-Rags, to the left of the hanged body. Use Garte’s key to open the lock and go dumpster diving and you’ll find your files. Interact with the damaged ledger and you can attempt to read the case files using Logic. Past that check and you can find your old notes that tend to end with your initials: HDB. These go some way to confirming Evrart’s assumption that your name is Harry Du Bois, but there is more to this mystery.

How To Find Your Badge In Disco Elysium

The Wrecked Car in Disco Elysium

If you had your badge, you could see for yourself what your name is. It’s about the only thing that can confirm what you were officially called. Unfortunately, you lost that sometime during your mind-rending bender, but you might be able to find it again.

Before Day 3 you can head down to the canal by the pawnshop and see the wheel tracks of someone that jumped the canal in their car and broken the bridge to cross. You can even make a point of bringing this hooligan to justice. On Day 3 the canal will be repaired and you can cross the bridge to explore the other part of the coast. Not far from the crossing is the wrecked car that did so much damage, half-submerged in the ice.

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Wait with Kim on the swings and you can let some of the ice thaws so you can investigate the car. Why would you want to do this? Well because it was you that drove over the canal, destroyed the bridge and nearly drowned. Oops.

It can be a bit devastating to discover what you did, but on the other hand, you can find your Badge inside the car that reveals your legal name: Harrier Du Bois. Turns out Evrart wasn’t quite right, but perhaps you don’t like that name, perhaps you have a ‘true name’ that signifies your unique personality and experience, and perhaps someone else knows it.

How To Discover Your ‘True Name’ In Disco Elysium

The Drunks in Disco Elysium

Follow the coast north of the canal and you’ll come to the fishing village. This whole area is a bit of a bummer with its crippling poverty and general aesthetic. But there is a trio of drunks on the edge of the village, and these seem like the people you might associate with. Maybe even the kind of people that might tell you your true name to.

Speak to them, and they will reveal that they not only know you, they know you. You’ve partied with them and revealed your inner name, your true name. Say hello to yourself, Tequila Sunset.

This will complete a secret task to learn your true name, but you want to be careful about who you tell it to, since respectable people might be less forthcoming to a detective misnamed after a cocktail.

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