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Doom Eternal Has Turned Into A Digital Only Release For Nintendo Switch

Doom Eternal came out earlier this year and it gave fans another chance to dive back into the role of Doom Guy. Players picked the game up right after the events of the first installment where now Doom Guy is forced to go back to Earth and attempt to stop this new demonic invasion. This game was well-received as well when it launched for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. However, outside of knowing that it was coming to the Nintendo Switch platforms, there wasn’t much more for fans to do other than pre-order and wait.

Now it looks like fans are starting to worry as retailers are alerting them of their pre-orders being canceled. Fortunately, this game is not being killed off for the Nintendo Switch but it won’t receive a physical release. It looks like the game is being transformed into a digital-only release for the Nintendo Switch which means that if you pre-order a physical copy the retailer will start to issue refunds if they have yet to do so.

This was confirmed by a Bethesda spokesperson who gave a statement to IGN. While it’s nice knowing that this game is not being killed off for the platform, it might be a hit for those that wanted a physical copy. There are always collectors and gamers that wish to own a physical edition to avoid anything that would jeopardize not gaining access to the digital version. 

Furthermore, there is no insight as to when this game would see a launch on the Nintendo Switch platform. Currently, there is no release date set for Nintendo Switch players along with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms. Currently, we’ll have to wait and see just when this game will hit the digital marketplace.

Source: IGN

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