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Elden Ring – Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer (4K) | Summer Game Fest 2021

See the mythical world created by From Software and George R. R. Martin in this first gameplay trailer for Elden Ring, featuring terrifying bosses, a dazzling open world, and a mysterious story. Coming January 21st, 2022.

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Leryan Burrey
5 months ago

So, my PS4 Pro with SSD?

That'll do pig…that'll do.

John Helton
5 months ago

We’ll time to go again!!! And get pissed about having to git gud at another game XD

Epic Noob Style
5 months ago

Looks great, can not wait to play !

5 months ago

take my money

Павел День убавил
5 months ago

Ууууууу былят скорее же

Matthew Getman
5 months ago

Is this a darksouls game in lord of the rings setting?

Mark Ealand
5 months ago

Is everyone gonna go in blind, or wait like a week for guides to come out?

Daniel Long
5 months ago

Looks like another generic souls like game.

Keegan Brakhage
5 months ago

"Foul tarnished, in search of the Elden Ring. Emboldened by the flame of ambition. Someone must extinguish thy flame.." that line, the acting, gives me chills every time.

5 months ago

Please let there be pvp, ffs ots not a souls game without invasions

sheryl shahab
5 months ago

Looks like a soul game…

Wesley Costa
5 months ago

Day 3 adding an O until the game is launched

5 months ago

* girlish scream *

James Ron
5 months ago

Oh lord, we don't deserve this. Die a thousand deaths by falling off a cliff we shall!

5 months ago

"Shut up and take my money"
I've fall in love with it ❤️❤️

5 months ago

graphics are really meh. Like the fact the fact that they are mixing things up like they did with sekiro

channing bloom
5 months ago

Im just wonder how much excitement vaati is feeling

Rey _
5 months ago

wow looks challenging

Chase McNellis
5 months ago

From Software games are worth literally every penny.

5 months ago

looks dope as hell

Ivan Betancourt
5 months ago

trailer finally comes out

Nightmare Slain

Asif Zahoor
5 months ago

Not feeling it

Lolo Trololo
5 months ago

OK. So we've seen a gameplay reveal trailer. Can't wait for the gameplay reveal.

5 months ago

I'm gonna have so much fun getting grab executed by the new bosses, like the DS3 Soul of Cinder's 4-hit Doom Combo

Gringo Amigo
5 months ago


Perc Fiend
5 months ago

Please note that when FROMSOFTWARE drops a game, it can’t be “souls-like”. Knock it off.

jesse mcclure
5 months ago

Praise the Sun!

Justin Johnson
5 months ago

2:24 boys, we finally get to fight Yhorm

Isaiah Marquiss
5 months ago

lowly tarnished, lords, flame, unending curse, apocalyptic world, horrific monsters, dragons, and a firekeeper…
This feels like Dark Souls except with horses.