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Electro Traveler gameplay video and abilities leaked

Genshin Impact‘s major 2.0 update introducing Inazuma is on the horizon, and with a new area and Statue of the Seven to explore, we’re also getting a new vision for our main Traveler. Ahead of Genshin Impact 2.0’s release, the Electro Traveler’s kit has been fully leaked, including his ultimate and constellations.

A video posted on the /r/Aether_Mains subreddit also verifies many of these leaks, showcasing a brief portion of Electro Traveler’s gameplay. The main character, who can currently utilize an Anemo or Geo form, isn’t particularly a strong character. While viable, his kit pales in comparison to his competition. Fortunately, Electro Traveler’s kit seems a lot stronger than his previous iterations. If you’re a fan of the main character, you may finally have a spot for him in the future. Spoilers ahead!


A new Electro vision

Electro Traveler’s kit is viewable on Honey Impact, a website that gathers the abilities and stats of the Genshin characters. From what it looks like, the Electro Traveler looks to be strongest as a support or sub-DPS character. His ultimate, Bellowing Thunder, gathers Electro-infused magatama around him, creating shockwaves as you normal attack enemies. When these shockwaves deal damage, they also generate energy particles for your character. These magatamas should remain after you switch to another character, meaning the Electro Traveler will be able to generate tons of ultimate charge for his team.

Meanwhile, his press/hold ability, Lightning Blade, deals Electro damage and leaves behind Abundance Amulets. Nearby allies will absorb these amulets and gain elemental energy and increased energy recharge. If it’s not clear by now, the Electro Traveler looks like a very powerful battery for your team, able to generate tons of ultimate charge for your team. His constellations (which will be free) increases his damage and energy-generating abilities even further.

You can view his constellations and damage values on Honey Impact. And if you’re curious to see some of Electro Traveler’s gameplay, be sure to check out the video on Reddit.

Here’s Genshin Impact’s Electro Traveler, ready to level up.

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