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Epic Games Offered $200 Million For Sony Exclusives

It’s no secret that Epic Games is trying everything they can to bring out more consumers to their Epic Games Store digital marketplace service and away from competitors like Valve’s Steam. The company has done so through a few different methods, with some being more popular than others. Recently, Epic Games has gone into a court battle with Apple and it’s revealed some interesting aspects behind Epic Games Store. Today, we’re finding out that Sony was approached by Epic Games to strike a deal for exclusive games.

As mentioned, Epic Games has gone out of its way to try and sway more consumers onto their digital platform. This was done by allowing a better revenue split for game developers along with publishers. Likewise, there were several deals made to get PC titles exclusively on the Epic Games Store for usually a duration of time. Those methods were not as popular with consumers as quite a few were interested in picking up PC games through Steam rather than splitting their collection up between launchers. Now it looks like Sony was approached for an exclusive contract deal.

One of the documents that have come out because of the court case between Epic Games and Apple revealed that Epic Games offered Sony $200 million for four to six video game titles. These would be exclusive to Epic Games Store and it’s believed that the $200 million was a minimum guarantee so there was room to strike some kind of deal that would appeal to both companies. We don’t know what video game titles were being offered or how far this conversation went.

While it looks like things didn’t go Epic Games way since Days Gone is coming out on Steam along with Horizon Zero Dawn already available through the Steam digital marketplace, it looks like Epic Games is ready to throw out some serious money for partnerships.

Source: Gamesradar

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