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Evercade VS home console announced •

Evercade has announced the Evercade VS, a home console with support for up to four USB controllers, and which holds two game cartridges at a time.

This version of the Evercade system is designed to plug into your telly and promote old-school local multiplayer. Here’s a look at this in action – with a lovely tease of some multiplayer Worms Armageddon:

As you’d expect, the Evercade VS supports all the officially-licensed Evercade retro game cartridges, meaning it already has a library of 280 titles. You can also plug in a handheld Evercade device and use that as a controller.

Evercade VS goes on sale in November, priced from £90/€100/$100 for a console and one controller. Pre-orders go live next week on Wednesday, 28th May.

Additional controllers can be bought separately, or you can use additional third-party USB pads – including the Xbox Adaptive controller and 8bitdo wireless controllers.

Last year, Digital Foundry’s retro guru John Linneman took a detailed look at the original handheld Evercade – and he came away impressed.

“As a retro enthusiast, seeing the owners of classic properties compensated for their games while at the same time opening the door to a new kind of collecting seems like a really good idea to me,” John wrote. “In the case of the Evercade, the core hardware is well-made and very nicely priced, so I can definitely see the system finding an audience – and I hope that it does.”

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