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Every Awesome PS4 Feature You Might Not Be Aware Of

4. Game Footage Voiceover

Using the Share button and posting a video is really cool, but this function goes so much deeper than just being able to post to Facebook. Believe it or not, the PS4 enables users to stream their videos while giving audio commentary with the use of a headset. PC streamers have long had this ability, so it’s nice to see that Sony supports this on their console, eliminating the need to fiddle with complicated audio equipment. Source: Amazon

3. Voice Commands

The Xbox One’s voice command functionality got a lot of attention when that system was 1st announced, which makes it surprising that Sony didn’t really publicize the fact that the PS4 had very similar functionality. Once voice commands are enabled in the options menu, most primary functions can be operated through voice, including starting games, selecting different apps, and browsing the internet. This is definitely one hidden PS4 feature you’ll want to check out. Source:

2. Vita Remote Play (also can be used as a controller)

One of the most highly-touted PS4 features has been Remote Play with Sony’s handheld system, the Vita, and for good reason. Remote play allows users to operate their PS4 with the Vita, effectively making every PS4 game playable on the Vita as well. The PS3 had a similar feature, but it never worked very well. Remote Play on the PS4, in contrast, is the real deal, and is actually really useful. The only main problem (besides the fact that Vita’s controls don’t tranlate to some games well) is that a very good internet connection is required on both ends, meaning that it’s only truly operable when used on your home internet connection. Still, features like Remote Play will only get better as internet speeds continue to improve. Source:

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